Soda Bottle Safety Goggles.





Introduction: Soda Bottle Safety Goggles.

Make a pair of basic safety goggles from the side of a soda bottle.



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I really want to explore this concept more. The material that soda bottles are made of is super tough. It even stops bbs from a bb gun, or Airsoft bbs with not even a dent.

I might try to make a face shield for Airsoft with this...

I like how you make a cartoon for you's a very creative idea.

Clue in dude - that's all the guys at Howtoons do

Well, this is the first one I stumbled upon with that format...

If you have a soldering iron available, with a sharp pointy tip, try using it to poke a little hole at each end of each slit used to hold the headband. Do this first before cutting the slits. This will make a tiny ring of melted plastic that will reinforce the end of the slit so that it doesn't continue to tear out.

That's a good idea.  If I can't find my soldering iron (which I never use) I will try heating something in the same shape over the stove.  These glasses are a great idea.

This is an awesome idea and I am absolutely doing this with my 7 & 8 year olds. Thanks!


Lol, nice goggles.

Gives new meaning to the term coke-bottle glasses