When I saw fidget cubes on the web, it struck me that two soda bottle tops could be used to make a similar toy which would be comfortable to hold and handle, and be of an appropriate size.

The one I then built, can do the following:

1. The two halves can be turned independently of one another.

2. The gear in the middle of the toy can be turned independently.

3. The joystick at one end can pressed and wiggled.

4. The marble at the other end can be rolled.

5. Maybe stroking the ridges on the toy can bring comfort/calmness.

Step 1: How It Works

The first picture shows how the different parts fit together.

The centre bolt and nut hold the two wooden discs and the gear together, but not too tight, allowing the parts to still turn easily. The two caps is glued to the wooden middle, with the teeth of the gear protruding. Thus the caps and gear can all be moved relative to each other.

On the one cap's top a joystick is fitted, consisting of a bolt, nut and spring. This can be pressed inwards against the pressure of the spring, and move sideways in any direction. The size of the hole through which it is fitted to the cap determines how much sideways movement is possible.

On the opposite side a marble is is held captive between the cap and the wooden centre part of the toy. The part of the marble protruding through a hole enables one to roll the marble with one's fingers.

WoW.! You really put a lot of thought and effort into this project- and not only the fidget toy, but putting the entire ible together as well.! Quite the creative mind you must have, I'm so impressed that this is the first comment AND compliment I've ever left, and I browse this site on the daily. Bravo my friend, bravo.
Those are kind words, volcom1919, and I really do appreciate it!
<p>This is fantastic! Well written and explained! I thought your DIY &quot;gear&quot; was extremely clever!!!</p>
Thanks for your kind words, JokerDAS!
<p>what a cracker of an instuctable</p>
<p>Not the exact same thing but, I used your design for inspiration and worked in wood ;) </p>
<p>two questions. What brand are the bottle caps and where did you get the wooden discs?</p>
<p>Well, would like to see both measurements on these projects. Don't want to spend time converting.</p>
<p>The US, Myanmar (Burma) and Liberia, are the only countries in the world not using or switching to the metric system. Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 &quot;to coordinate and plan the increasing use of the metric system in the United States&quot;. Voluntary conversion was requested.</p>
<p>Doesn't anyone use inch measurements anymore instead of mm?</p>
WilliamL225, apologies for the metric measurements, but that is the system we use in our country, so it's unfortunately the only one I'm familiar with.
<p>One of the best, if not best, put together instructables I've seen. Awesome!!!</p>
Thank you 2wildlife! Much appreciated.
<p>I will be making at least one of these. I've worked on a couple designs myself, but I really love the simplicity and versatility of this design. Your instructable is very clear and well written too. Lastly I like how you reused items in your build. I think there is one word to describe this project: Genius</p>
Thanks for your wonderful words, dear sir! You're much too kind.
<p>You are brilliant! I am going to make this for my autistic nephew. Thank you.</p>
Thanks, shanbop11! I'd be honoured if your nephew find it useful.
<p>Very cool! One enhancement suggestion would be to use an acorn nut for the joystick, placing the screw in from the other direction. Great making though!</p>
A great suggestion, jmcgarey! Thanks very much!
<p>With the prices some places charge for fidget cubes, this is a great idea! It seems pretty simple. Thanks! </p>
Thank you, richpit! I was afraid people would think it too difficult to build.
<p>Very nice. I shall now overbrain how to turn this into a toy for my parrots....</p>
Lucky parrots to have an owner like you!
same thing
<p>I just had this idea this morning and i was wondering how id do it. maybe the hundredth monkey theory is true</p>
Indeed, PjS12!
<p>Very cool! </p>
Thanks, 38ren!
<p>Very nice job!</p>
Thank you, Kiteman!
<p>very clever use of ordinary bits and pieces</p>
Thank you, mrsmerwin!

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