Step 9: Paint and Details

Picture of Paint and Details
This is where the spray paint comes in.
I used BLACK and a Bright Green so that the rocket would be easy to spot while up in the air!
Decorate your rocket any way you like! Flames, spots, checkers, glitter, etc...
Use your extra markers to add any fine details or words (I put H20 on mine so everyone would know this is a water rocket). Add some pin stripes, etc...

(note: as you can see from this photo, I also added some additional tape to the fins for extra support. Do this BEFORE painting.)

Perhaps, I should have mentioned this before, but this rocket has no parachute! What goes up, must come down.
DO NOT launch this rocket near people, a crowd, small animals, streets or cars or houses... in other words... take your rocket out to the middle of nowhere and launch it in a safe place. Make sure everyone knows there is no parachute and that this rocket will be crashing to earth at a high rate of speed. I wouldn't want to get hit by it! The rocket will probably fly higher and farther than you think.
how would you adda a parachute to this?
adog89874 years ago
how long does it last
Jackie9974 years ago
nice name but i love the name 'nuke' xD
TheRocker714 years ago
Could i paint all the components before i assemble it?
cyenobite (author)  TheRocker714 years ago
you could - but... it might not be a good idea to paint the parts that will be glued together. The paint could peel, or chip, or generally weaken the area that needs to be glued. So if you can mask those areas off, then go for it!
Good Luck!
sssshhhh4 years ago
how will a launch it??
xXInmateXx5 years ago
I have all the parts, so I'll make it today. I'll tell u how it works out.
cheesapuffa5 years ago
How would you launch a rocket like this?
rjasso6 years ago
awesome paint job how did u do it!
cyenobite (author)  rjasso6 years ago
Thanks - I just painted the whole thing black, then used some green spray paint on the bottom fins (and top) and made a stencil for the "MAKE" letters. Then used a silver Sharpie to do the highlights.
minioop6 years ago
sweet paint job dude!