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Are you tired of having your soda boxes laying around with no purpose? Well here is the solution, learn how to turn your soda boxes into coasters in just a few steps!

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1. Paint Brush

2. Bottle of Clear Gloss Finishing Spray

3. Bottle of ModPodge

4. Tiles 4in X 4in (as many as you want to make)

5. Any soda box the you prefer

6. One 9X12 felt fabric ( Color of your liking)

7. One sharpie

8. Trash Bag ( optional if you want a clean surface)

Step 2:

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Disassemble the box so that the box is now a flat surface

Step 3:

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Use a Sharpie marker and trace the tile on the desired spot of the Soda Box

Step 4:

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Cut the square out: Make sure to cut on the inside of the lines so that the piece is a little smaller than the actual tile – smooth out edges if needed

Step 5:

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Take the felt and repeat the same steps: trace the tile on the felt using a Sharpie marker.

· Make sure to cut on the inside of the lines

Step 6:

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Lay down the trash bag before beginning the next steps

Step 7:

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Take the bottle of ModPodge and your paintbrush. Paint a layer of the glue onto the back of the soda box cut out.

· make sure to get all the edges

Step 8:

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Place the soda box cut out on top of the tile centering it so that all sides are even. Then, place a heavy book on top of the tile to flatten the edges until dried

· Wait 2-4 minutes

Step 9:

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Once dry, take the Modpodge and coat a layer on top of the soda box: Make sure all clumps are smoothed out

· Allow to dry for 10 min

Step 10:

Repeat step 9 : Do three more coats with a total of 4 coats

Step 11:

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Once all 4 coats of ModPodge are dried apply a coat of Modpodge to the backside of the tile, time to lay down the felt.

Step 12:

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Once you have a coat of Modpodge, place the felt on to the bottom of the tile and even out the edges

Step 13:

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For the final step, spray the finishing spray on to the top of the tile for extra strength. Hold the spray about 6 inches from the tile and spray a light coat over the tile.

· Lightly spray left to right for a total of 5 seconds

Step 14:

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Allow the finishing spray to dry for 24 hours, apply another coat if desired.


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