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There is a cup out of soda can. Sorry about the bad pictures but , they show the work very well. If my english is bad please correct my in the coments.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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They are very little :
1) Big file
2) Small file
3) Sandpaper ( not showed)
1) Soda can (can by Dr. Pepper , Pepsi , Coca cola , arizona is not soda but work , any of this tipe of can works ).

Step 2: Start With the File Work

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Step 3: File Process

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When this little mark start showing you will rotate the can to keep with file process.

Step 4: Finish With the Big File

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When you note all the can have this mark you will make a little tap with file on the top this will fall and you need to take it off.

Step 5: Small File Process

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Now with the small file eliminate the sharp edge (file in the top , side and outside).

Step 6: Finish Them With the Sandpaper

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With sandpaper eliminate the completely the sharp edges. Clean the cup very well and now you have a recycled cup out of a soda can .

PD: They can work as well holding pencils,markers, etc.


boludes26 (author)2014-03-08

Thanks to all of you !

neo71665 (author)2014-03-08

Need to find you a good p38 or p51 and you won't have to do all that file and sanding.

ninjacheese (author)2014-03-07

Awesome nice English too

Zipwire (author)2014-03-07

Neat idea, nice job! Your English is just fine. It was easy to understand the process with your pictures, well done.

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