Picture of Soda Can Decoration
Create these simple and quick decorations with your empty soda cans! (This picture is sideways!)
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make this project, you need:

1 or more empty aluminum soda cans
Large bowl
Razor or box cutter
Sharpie or other sort of marker
Dish towel
Wire thread

Hot glue gun
Spray paint
Tea candles

Step 2: Preparing the Can

Picture of Preparing the Can
The easiest way to make the can "cuttable" is to put something solid behind the aluminum. So to do that, fill the can with water, and freeze it for 5-7 hours. This is tricky, so I would suggest checking on it after about 4 hours or so. Otherwise the can ends up bursting open and looking like the one in the photo and can't be used.
(This picture is sideways!)

Step 3: Begin the Cutting

Picture of Begin the Cutting
1. Right after you pull the can out of the freezer, it's time to start cutting the aluminum. First, mark about 12 dots evenly spaced around the upper side of the can, right before the slope at the top. Make corresponding marks near the bottom of the can. Use the dish towel to dry off the can as you go, as the condensation will make marking with a marker difficult.
2. Make an "S" shaped curved line connecting the dots on the top with a dot adjacent to the dot directly below it.
3. Use a box cutter or razor to cut along this line. Note: it's easiest if you lightly cut first along the line, then apply more pressure the second time around.
4. Continue to do this until all the lines have been cut.

When done, place the can in the large bowl to let the ice melt, or run the can under hot water in the sink.
(These pictures are sideways!)
I really like these! We used to make these when I was little and hang them on the porch. :)