Soda Can Flyer





Introduction: Soda Can Flyer

Cut any aluminum can into a cylindrical throwie.

Step 1: Supplies

Can - some type of soda or drink can

tin snips
metal file
sharpie (optional)
ruler (optional)

Step 2: Measure, Mark and Cut

Measure the diameter of the top of the can. Mine was almost 3". Then measure down about that same distance from the top to the bottom of the can and mark it. I used 3" as my measurement. Extend this mark all around the can. You can start cutting the line with the knife, or just use the tin snips. Cut around the entire can.

Step 3: Remove Top

Now you have a little less than half a can. Use the knife and/or tin snips to remove the entire inside of the top of the can. The part you drink from. The picture explains it.

Step 4: File

The cut edges are sharp. File them smooth.

Step 5: Throw!

There are many ways to throw this. I find it easiest to throw it from the side, almost as if you were skipping a rock. Make sure it is not only thrown forward but also spinning.

Experiment with different lengths and throwing techniques.



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    Ha, took me a second to figure out what you meant. It's Arnold Palmer Half Lemonade Half Iced Tea, by the Arizona Iced Tea company

    one of the best drinks in the world, also available in churubusco, indiana lol

    Is it available in Tacoma, Washington?

    I have no idea, but it is available in Waterboro, Maine. lol. Any can will work, this is just what I had on hand.

    HAHAHA!!! Cool instructable But i was just drinking an arizona iced tea and i searched cans.... and found this..... hahah

    i made a qucik lil one from a normal 12oz soda can only took one minute with a can opener, it actually glided a bit but i couldnt get a good vid causes its night and bad lighting i'll have to wait til tomorrow..

    im ganna try this right now and see if it glids at all..

    Saw a hippy-type throwing one of these in Washington Square park in the Village(NYC), back about 1980ish. Actually told me it was his idea and it was patented. He then told me,"You better not make one, or I'll sue you!" Went home and made one, lots of fun. Joe

    hey i thought of this too about a year ago and made a few its so nice to see that other people have the same creative ideas as me

    you can take the top off easier and cleaner with a can opener (seems to work best on coke cans, but i drink pepsi)

    very needs a video to go with it.

    cool but it needs a video