Have you ever wanted to make a grill but didn't want to spend the money? Well here it is the soda can grill perfect for grilling small hotdogs or roasting marshmallows!!

Step 1: Materials:

This is what you will need: 1.Two Soda cans 2.Scissors 3.A nail and hammer (a drill works best) 4.4 small paperclips 5.Can Opener 6.a thick rubber band (optional) 7.Some sort of tinder that will fit in the can!!
Have you actually tried using this? I know from my own experience that paperclips don't do well under flames, I set off a smoke detector by heating up a paperclip using a lighter myself. This would indicate that some part of the clip produces smoke, and that can't be good for whatever food you might be cooking. Also, depending upon which rumors you believe, aluminum doesn't make for a good grill material to directly place flames under, it can slowly poison you. Again, different sources say different things. <br> <br>I wouldn't normally bring this up, but I do believe that this could be a safety hazard if you plan to cook food directly on it. On the other hand, cooking the food in some kind of pan or pot suspended over it should be just fine. And I strongly suggest replacing the paperclips with something else made of steel. <br> <br>I personally love playing around with homemade stoves like this, just offering advice from my own experience. <br>
The rubber band is just to keep the ends down I would never heat with the rubber band on
please don't use a rubber band when it comes to heat from fire, <br>you could make a wire loop and twist one end like a champagne cork metal retainer.

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