Introduction: Soda Can Pinwheel

Learn to make a fun pinwheel from an aluminum soda pop can or beer can.  Just in time for spring!

  • One empty, clean, and dry soda can
  • One round plastic bead with a hole in the middle
  • A couple of pins (in case one gets bent)
  • A wooden stick
  • Scissors


Crafted298 (author)2014-07-01

Ya won't it be to sharp for kids ?

rickosgood (author)Crafted2982014-07-01

I wouldn't say it's sharp per say, but it is pointy at the corners. You could take it to a belt sander and round all of the edges. That would make it safer to have around young kids. It's probably best to just keep it out of their reach regardless though.

Moe Greatness (author)2014-04-09

won't it be sharp?

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