Alright so considering I have over 20 weaves I've decided to condense these into 4 separate categories, and just run through the steps in each variant. Note feel free to visit my site: http://poptoppaladin.com/ for HQ instructions and more individualized tutorials. There's also a gallery page and an about page talking about how my Soda Can Chain Mail came about. For reference all my weaves are original and I've only seen 1-2 styles that are close to mine on the internet, and I felt it would be better to show off my work and inspire others to make their own soda can chain mail.

This category is centered around TabScale as it focuses on combining tabs and rings (all the same size until you get to the specialty category which is another tutorial. This differs from TabMail as these weaves are more flexible and move similiar in a way to normal Scale Mail

Things needed.

Tabs - A whole lot of them, see each step for Sq Ft. per weave, but note it varies from 300-800 per sq. ft.
Rings - The rings used here are 16 ga 1/4 AR 4.2 (Machine Cut) Bright Aluminum Rings I purchase mine from TheRingLord most weaves you need just about as many rings as you have tabs.
Pliers - Again I use the RingLord's plier set - it's cheap and for over 4 years of use they've been perfect in every way. You can use your own pliers though.
Time - These are harder still than ChainTab or TabMail, and it's very easy to confuse things and have to redo work.

I'll cover a couple different styles here each in it's own "step"

Step 1: Flat TabScale

This is similar to the tab scales although it looks less “Scaly”. It has very similar bending properties, but just doesn’t look as cool. (Yeah I know my complaint is looks but meh whatever)

    Difficulty: 1/5 – This is very easy to do.
    Flexibility: 5/5 – It bends outward, but not inward
    Tabs per sq. ft: ~400
    Rings per sq. ft: ~300

1. Lay the tabs out with the second row on top.

2. Then its simply connecting with a single ring.

3. Going out as you wish.

4. Laying another tab on top and going up.
How do you manage to collect so many tabs? O.o Great Instructables by the way! xD

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