If your radio/tv's antenna is broken/ short/ inadequate, here is a cheap, quick, and effective way of fixing it, using just one soda can. 

...and yes, it really does work (quite well actually). I had radio channels go from static to clean music (clean as in sound quality). Also, it looks a lot nicer than an aluminum foil fix. 

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1 Aluminum Can (empty and rinsed out)
A pair of scissors
An item with a hard round point (like the end/cap of a pen or marker)
I love the older boomboxes,and stereos as compared to the tickie little bookshelf systems that are being sold now.I bought a Quasar at a second hand store for 10.00 Saturday,and it sounds a whole lot better than the RCA I bought my Pop.Its 50 watts per channel,and pumps out the bass,plus one can work on it if a speaker goes bad,you just unscrew the old and put in a new one,it has Aux.if I want to hook up a CD player.I do miss having a remote however,but you cant win em all,great job on the antenna by the way,Ill bet that thing will pump too.
You're right on. I can't stand the iPhone/clock radios being churned out and marketed as top of the line (with 2 inch drivers). They don't make 'em like they used to.
Love it. Way to go. If they had a contest on how to re-use a soda can, this would be a winner.
Thanks a lot! yeah, i was thinking about that...a soda can competition would be a great idea-I'd love to see what other people come up with (other than the soda can stove)

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