Picture of Soda Can Radio Antenna
Picture 029.jpg
If your radio/tv's antenna is broken/ short/ inadequate, here is a cheap, quick, and effective way of fixing it, using just one soda can. 

...and yes, it really does work (quite well actually). I had radio channels go from static to clean music (clean as in sound quality). Also, it looks a lot nicer than an aluminum foil fix. 

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

1 Aluminum Can (empty and rinsed out)
A pair of scissors
An item with a hard round point (like the end/cap of a pen or marker)

Step 2: Rough Cutting

Picture of Rough Cutting
Picture 016.jpg
Cut the top off the can first

Next, cut the can in a spiral fashion.

Then cut the bottom off. 

...and yes, the jagged edges are sharp.

Step 3: Flattening and Trimming

Picture of Flattening and Trimming
Picture 020.jpg
Nows where the obscure "blunt sharp object" comes into play.

Press hard on the aluminum strip and drag it across, making a line down the center.

Now that the strip is straighter, you can trim the edges with scissors. Try to trim one continuous piece...having small bits of sharp aluminum scattered around would be annoying.  

Cut the bottom flat and the top however you like (mine's just round)

Step 4: Straightening

Picture of Straightening
Picture 027.jpg
Now carefully crease the strip about 90 degrees (see photo).

Then, using a needle nose pliers or your fingers, roll the bottom inch in. (see other photo). It should be able to grip around whats left of the original antenna. 

Step 5: Attach and Listen to Music (or talk shows...)

Picture of Attach and Listen to Music (or talk shows...)

spylock2 years ago
I love the older boomboxes,and stereos as compared to the tickie little bookshelf systems that are being sold now.I bought a Quasar at a second hand store for 10.00 Saturday,and it sounds a whole lot better than the RCA I bought my Pop.Its 50 watts per channel,and pumps out the bass,plus one can work on it if a speaker goes bad,you just unscrew the old and put in a new one,it has Aux.if I want to hook up a CD player.I do miss having a remote however,but you cant win em all,great job on the antenna by the way,Ill bet that thing will pump too.
skidrum (author)  spylock2 years ago
You're right on. I can't stand the iPhone/clock radios being churned out and marketed as top of the line (with 2 inch drivers). They don't make 'em like they used to.
bruc33ef4 years ago
Love it. Way to go. If they had a contest on how to re-use a soda can, this would be a winner.
skidrum (author)  bruc33ef4 years ago
Thanks a lot! yeah, i was thinking about that...a soda can competition would be a great idea-I'd love to see what other people come up with (other than the soda can stove)