Picture of Soda Can Rose
Want to make something special for that special someone? This Instructable will show you how to make a beautiful flower with just a few materials and a little bit of time. The best thing about it is that instead of throwing away your empty soda cans, you can make a wonderful bouquet of flowers!

This Instructable was made for those who do not have access to many tools (like me) but still want to make something green and fun using things found around the house.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Coke can (or two if you want)
Xacto Knife or something similar
Wire clothes hanger
Paint (optional)
Hot glue gun

Step 2: Cut the wire

Using your knife, cut out a piece of your wire about 4-6 inches long for the stem of the flower. I bent mine a little bit after cutting it to make it look a little more real.

Step 3: Cut up the can

Picture of Cut up the can
Photo 186.jpg
Photo 188.jpg
Before cutting up the can, take of the soda tab and put it to good use: you can either give it to the Ronald McDonald Organization to help raise money for buying wheelchairs etc. or make something cool out of it using some awesome Instructables!

Back to business. First, you might want to rinse out the can so the coke doesn't spill all over you like it did to me. Using your knife, stab a hole in the coke can, and then start cutting out a few rough circles (they should be rough so it looks more like a flower. the rougher the better). You can also use your hands to tear off the circles. Try making them each a little bigger than the one before it, with the first one about an inch in diameter and the last one around 2-2 1/2 inches depending on how big you want your flower.

When you have 4 or 5 circles, use your knife to make a small hole in the middle of each.
I'm going to make my wife a dozen of these. Also my brother gives his wife a different rose every year on there anniversary so I'll pass this on to him. Also I have an idea for painting. Instead of spraying them how about dipping the flower head in the paint. That might give it a nice look. I try it out. Also you can probably make green leaves like this to.
Andrei_74 years ago
send me more informations , thanks
SWV17876 years ago
I saw some copper roses at a ren fest and attempted to make them myself. This is one that I made and soaked in rose oil to make it scented and it is modeled fittingly enough in the hands of my beautiful friend Crystal's hands.
Metal Rose.jpg
Very beautiful!!! Is all I can say!!!
dindanpacman (author)  SWV17876 years ago
That looks awesome! If only had some tools to make something rad like that.
I have, over time developed my own way of making Pop Can roses and i have made 8 of them and i keep getting asked to make more. Below is just one, but i never paint mine, i use Dr. Pepper Cans for the petals and Mtn. Dew for the green parts and the metal rod from one of the flags that they use to mark power lines, let me know what you think
How do you make that?!!
Simple, I just took a petal off a real rose, cut the can to that shape and then bend it to the same shape then hot glue it onto the stem
dindanpacman (author)  Ben The Builder4 years ago
That looks great! How did you attach the petals and leaves to it?
Just Simply Hot glue (thus the strings left over, I've found a High temperature tends to fuse things better, the crappier glue guns tend to make it so that your rose head pops off the stem occasionally.
WhyHello4 years ago
heck yus! :D I have that exact paint to, cant wait to try it!
h3idi4 years ago
I love this. It looks like a poppy to me - could be good for rememberance day, or a fall wreath.
paulzef5 years ago
I found spray paint to work pretty well (just dont try and wait till you assemble the rose or you wind up with green petals and red stem bits like me)
devot5 years ago
Looks great. I'll try to get my son to make a few for me.
Iridium7 devot5 years ago
key word being 'try'
AODevo5 years ago
Hey this idea is awesome! Love the way the rose looks. Also, I really love the painting of the rose you show in Step 4. You should really make some more Instructables man. People await!
Lucas02145 years ago
I was thinking of making a small rose sculpture that had curved leaves along the stem that could be used to hold small lanterns/ candles. I wanted to know if I had permission to use your idea of making the petals out of a soda can and painting them. This would be the only thing I would be using as the stem and leaves/ folding pattern is completely different.
dindanpacman (author)  Lucas02145 years ago
Yeah definitely that sounds like an awesme idea. Post some pictures of it when you're done
I will be sure to post pictures and tell you when i'm done the instructable. Thanks so much!!! :)
DIYMommy6 years ago
Thanks so much for this great instructable! My 6 year-old and I are going to use it as part of our family project for the recycled art contest at our local library.