Today i'm going to show you how to build a portable alcohol stove made from two cans
it burns great. There is a lot of steps but it does not take more 10-15 minutes to build.

 p.s. This is my firist instructable, so if there is some thing to make this better please tell me
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Step 1: What you Need

Two Cans
Chalk bits
A razor
needle nose plyers
sharpie or marker
A clamp
a ruler
 a inch thick book
Sharpie sized book
denatured alcohol 

Optional tools and material
Wire or coat hanger i use wire
wire cutter
inslation can be  used  instead of chalk
lighting can a tuna fish can that a soda can will fit in with room to spare

Step 3: Cutting the can


After both cans are marked, find your screwdriver and get that blade from the knife.
Next get your clamp and both books. 
Now clamp blade on the books on a table.
The blade should be about half an inch out from the books. 
Next grab a can and start to twist the can against  the blade.
Do not cut the Can simply twist and twist.
Keep scoring the side of the Can until you start to split it .
Then push around the Can with your finger the top should come right off.
Repeat with other can.

P.S. have a spare can  it's eay to mess up. so don't get mad.

does it require the chalk to operate?
stuntdude47 (author)  captain b man153 years ago
Yes It does. the chalk act as a wick for the fuel, if you don't have chalk there're substitutes for chalk.However I have never used them.
That's not true at all. These stoves work because the heat of the flame vaporizes the alcohol. The vapor travels out the jets and burns. There's no wicking going on anywhere. I've made dozens of these through the years and have never needed to put anything in them.
stuntdude47 (author)  chase.carlton1 year ago
Thanks for the information I was going on what I assumed to be the purpose of the chalk.