Picture of Soda Can Stove aka Penny Stove
This is an instructable on how to make a simple yet effective small and portable alcohol stove. Its great for camping, emergencies, or just for fun.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
You will need scissors, a sharpie or other permanent marker, two aluminum cans, a tack or small nail, and a hammer.

Step 2: Mark Cutting line

Picture of Mark Cutting line
For the stove you will only use the bottoms of the cans. To make sure the cuts are even and equal, you will need to use something flat and level to place the sharpie on as you mark the can. The can is twisted around while the sharpie stays in plays insuring an even line. The line is made for both cans.

Step 3: Cut the can

Picture of Cut the can
Use a knife to poke an initial hole in the can and cut about 1/4 inch above the line so the cut is smooth. Once its been cut away then carefully cut on line, the straighter it is the easier later steps will be.

Step 4: Draw the Hole Points

Picture of Draw the Hole Points
IMPORTANT: this step is only for ONE of the can bottoms. Use the sharpie again and draw 16 dots on the outside of the ridge of the can. make sure the dots are equally spaced. 

Step 5: Poke the Holes

Picture of Poke the Holes
Carefully poke out holes where you made the points with a tack or nail. These will be the flame jets for the stove.

Step 6: Make the Fuel Filling Holes

Picture of Make the Fuel Filling Holes
Draw five holes in the middle of the can for the fuel to be filled in the can.

Step 7: Merge the Two Halves

Picture of Merge the Two Halves
This is the hard part. Fit the top half (the one with the holes) over the bottom half. This will be difficult and you might tear the can, it takes practice to do it right. Once you got the top over the bottom, use something flat to evenly hammer the top down on the bottom don't do it to you or you might hit it too far down or tear the can.
the power goes out here sometimes I will definitely make one of these.