Soda Can Trick





Introduction: Soda Can Trick

A neat trick to do with an empty or nearly empty soda can.

Step 1: Meterials

You'll need to obtain an empty soda can(Oh, goodie! caffinated goodness!), and about 70 mL of water. The amount doesn't have to be exact, but it has to fill about 1/5 of the can.

Step 2: The Only Step

This is be no means a complicated trick, just dirnk all but 1/5 of the soda, or take an empty can and fill it a 1/5 of the way. 1/5 works the best, Beleive me, I've performed this trick in planes and got the best results from 1/5 full.

Step 3: The Trick

The way this trick works is it makes the weight of the can equal on both sides of the axis (I'm not sure of the official terminology).



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    I walked into the kitchen turned on the faucet filled for a second and it worked. I then added some more and it worked. Once more I added water and it worked... there's a lot of leeway in the amount of water (or pop) that you can add.

    The best i got with a 355 ml can was 150 ml of water you can even tap it and make it spin around

    This doesn;t even tell you what the trick is until you get down to the comments. I think picking out ANYTHING and asking would be great here. So confusing. XD

    *Gasp* hes a wizard!! Get him, so he may teach ua more of hia magic!!

    It looks really cool when it rolls! Great Job!

    could somebody elaborate on the construction and how to do this no the best

    Just pour a bit of water into a can and tilt it on its side.

    oh, i remember XD, i was talking about the title of materials, that put meterials instead

    water... soda can. while drinking the soda you can stop at a point and do this trick too.