Picture of Soda Can earrings
You can make your own earrings out of soda cans with just a few tools and a little bit of time!  You'll amaze your friends and get compliments from strangers.  No one will believe these cuties started as soda cans!  You can make them as fancy or not fancy as you like.. add color, texture, shapes, or leave the design of the can on display to show through.

Please take a moment to vote for this tutorial while you're here!  These are super cute made with paper punches... imagine how great they could be made with an Epilog laser cutter!! 
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
You will need:
 A drink can
 A paper punch- Any shape you like will work.  If your shape is solid, without any holes in the interior design, you will also need a small hole punch.  (For the butterfly earrings, I used the EK Success Butterfly Layering Punch.  For the 'Please Recycle' Earrings, I used a 1” and ½” circle)
 A sharp pair of scissors
 A small pair of pliers
 A few beads… I prefer teardrop shape, which I find easier to wrap with wire, but use whatever you fancy.
 Jewelry wire.  It just has to be thin enough to fit through your beads.  I used 24 gauge wire in this demonstration.
 Earring hook findings

Optional tools for extra fanciness:
 An embossing machine and embossing folder
 Alcohol inks
 Felt stamper

Step 2: Cutting the can

Picture of Cutting the can
913037_10201075021026972_773072986_n - Copy.jpg
913148_10201075020826967_1989120670_n - Copy.jpg
Make sure the can is rinsed clean of any beverage residue.
With your sharp scissors, start cutting the can at the top, just below the curve to the rim.  
Remove the top of the can.
Cut down the side of the can.
Cut around the bottom of the can, just above the curve to the base.
You'll end up with one thin sheet of metal and the top and bottom of the can.  
Throw the top and bottom into the recycling bin.
Cut the long piece in half to make it easier to work with.
If the metal is wet from rinsing, dry it well.
I adore the butterflies! Do the earrings have any sharp edges? I was planning on making some as gifts but I don't want the recipients to get cut. Thanks!
smartone10 months ago

Great instructions ! thanks for sharing.

adp0031 year ago
They really come to life even more in reality. They are awesome and allow you to express your unique individuality however you choose!
cal80071 year ago
Thanks for the tutorial! I have that punch I didn't know it could cut metal!

Carmen L
kangel11 year ago
instead of ruining your scissors, it's better to use tin snips or wire cutters (and a can opener works wonder on the top edge, especially if you use it around the OUTside edge)
bthartman1 year ago
Great idea, very cool.
cofelice1 year ago
Wow! Very cool! Thanks for sharing...
pitaquest1 year ago
Wow!!! These are super cool. Good luck in the contest
WyndWytch1 year ago
Those are very cool. I really like the butterfly ones :D So gonna have to try them
Very cool, I also didn't know you can emboss aluminum cans like this. Thanks for sharing.