Introduction: Soda Candle

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Hello everyone!

I'll be showing you how to brighten up any room with just a soda can!

So I hope you have the pieces necessary!

Items needed-

  • Knife
  • Metal can
  • Tea candle

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base

Any can should do, that's just for you all to note!

Tin, aluminum, etc. As long as the container isn't flammable!

Step 2: Pattern

Picture of Pattern

For the pattern simply get a knife and cut an "I" pattern in it!

Any pattern should work I just find the I to work for me.

Step 3: Setting It Up!

Picture of Setting It Up!

It'll come out like the top image!

Now just fold the pieces outward and stick a tea candle in it!

Presto! You now have a soda can-dle!


Sorry about the lighting, power was out when I had done this; perfect timing I guess!

Yes, I like the boldness of this piece!

I hope you all enjoy your new light reflecting candle holder!


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