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My soda fountain does not operate an C02 simply uses a small electric pump.This is my first instuctable and its not very good(I had to take it apart and redo it for this) I hope to have a better version of it soon.

Step 1: What You Need

- A plastic base of some sort
- A small elctric pump
- 6v power supply (I got mine from an old CD player)
- 5ft of tubing (an air hose for a fish tank works the best)
- 2 LEDs and a 100ohm resistor (this is just to make it look cool.It is obtional)
- A toggle switch
- Wire (I dont know what guage.Just go for pretty thin)
- A fish tank tube connector and half a foot of tubing (optional)
- A 2 litre

- A soldering iron
- Wire strippers and cutters
- electrical tape
- A hot glue gun

Step 2: Getting Started

(sorry I did this kindove backwards.You might want to drill all the holes THEN attatach all of the components)

First of all you have to find the input and output for power and drink of your choice on the pump. Once you have found it drill a hole in your base and connect the tube from the output into the spout (USE LOTS OF HOT GLUE) . Next drill a hole in the back of the base,feed the 5ft tube through and connect the tube to the input of the pump OR if your using a connector, feed a small ( about half a foot) of tube through and connect to the output then on the other end connect the connector.

Step 3: LEDs

Picture of LEDs

Now for the LEDs. For this step I'm expecting you know how to wire LEDs up to a 6v power supply witha 100ohm resistor. Drill 2 holes wearever you want the LEDs to be, then hook up the wires from the LEDs to the switch and the power supply. Now When you turn on the pump the LEDs turn on too.

Step 4: The 2 Litre

Picture of The 2 Litre

First, drill a hole in the cap of the two litre big enough for the hose to fit through. Then Drill a very small hole for air, you need this hole because when the the liquid is pumped out, air needs to get in to replace it.This is bad because after while the pop goes flat. If you have any improvements let me know in the comments.

Step 5: Finsh!

Picture of Finsh!

I don't think I forgot anything... If you need more info or you have improvements tell me in the comments. Enjoy!


reddog92396 (author)2010-01-06

 What electric pump did you use? Can you direct me to a site where you purchased it?

reddog92396 (author)2010-01-06

 an easy way to do it could be to attach a pump to the small hole and pump air in only when it needs it

FrostEnergy (author)2009-10-15

if possible, I would suggest a one way valve, that way when the pressurelowers enough, it will just suck its own air in, then keep closed whennot in use. =D

stephenniall (author)2009-09-07

you said You don't want the air to get in, you want it to get out. Thats what a airlock does you Said the wrong thing so i said use a airlock

Really? Where did I say that? If I did I'll correct it asap

stephenniall (author)2009-09-07

i have just done this BUT instead of just adding alittle hole I drilled a hole in the top of the bottle added some more pipe to a Jam jar filled half with water and the pipe in the water and a few holes in the top A homemade airlock So air can get out but not in

You don't want the air to get in, you want it to get out.

yes that whats a airlock does it lets air out But not in

Ron Digsworth (author)2009-08-24

Add this with the micro USB fridge instructable and it would be complete!

macwhiz (author)2009-07-07

Could I use a fog machine pump?

You can, but I wouldn't recommend it. It depends on the toxicity of the fog juice you used. Some of the older fog juice was just glycerin and water (which is quite safe), but some of the new stuff has a lot of toxins in it. Either way, make sure you pump Javex and water (3 parts water and 1 part Javex) for a few hours, then rinse it out by pumping just water through it for twice the length of the Javex mixture.

eviloverlord (author)2006-09-03

If I read this right you seem to be sending the soda through the pump - After a while of use you'd have to ask: 1. Is the pump hygenic any more? 2. How long will the pump take to clog up with sugar. Another method would be to run 2 tubes into the bottle - The one from the pump should end just below the bottle cap (not touching the liquid) and will pressueise the bottle when the pump is on. The 2nd tube should be the outlet and will go all the way to the botom of the bottle. The extra pressure in the bottle generated by the pump would push the soda out the other tube without the soda going through the pump at any time. I would also suggest investing in two plastic valves (often used for homebrewing beer,etc) that could fit on the 2 tubes. Close them both when you're done with the fountain to stop the bottle going flat so quickly.

skautistic (author)eviloverlord2006-09-03

I'm no chemist, but since the sugar is dissolved in the liquid soda how would it clog the works. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, just curious.

saites2001 (author)skautistic2006-09-04

Left over soda would become a syrup after it sitting for a while.

2 stroke (author)saites20012009-04-13

yeah it turn to syrup a while after its lost its carbonation

Murf (author)skautistic2006-09-05

I'm not chemist either, but I am a biochemist, and just because something is dissolved in water doesn't mean it can react/precipitate in the pump and clog it. Thin kbaout in the shower/bath.... that grimy stuff you can get built up around the faucet/etc if you have hard water is just a consequence of the extra minerals/metal iuons in the water (dissolved), same sort of principle... I believe... not being a chemist though I can't be 100% sure

skautistic (author)Murf2006-09-05

I understand now, thanks Murf and saites2001.

2 stroke (author)2009-03-18

can you use a windsheild washer pump for this

stephenniall (author)2 stroke 2009-04-06

Hi dude Just to let u know I bought a few washer pumps from a Auction the other week for like 1 £ (about $2) and I steriziled them BY Putting them in a 1.5 litre coke bottle Putting the cord through the lid so it Pumps straight back into the Bottle and having it pump Baby Bottle sterilizing fluid for 24 hours . Its not very Powerful but it does the job nicely

2 stroke (author)stephenniall2009-04-08

thanks for the idea but where do you get baby bottle sterilzing fluid from

stephenniall (author)2 stroke 2009-04-09

Well im in the Uk But i suppose you could get it from any baby bottle store Or Walmart Or if ur in uk like me ASDA (Walmart owns asda just a different name)

Hmm.. I wouldnt if the pump was used.. there is chemicals in winshield washer fluid.. but if you find a brand new one.. I would still sterilize it some way or another. Good luck!

thanks; but i have a used one

2 stroke (author)2 stroke 2009-03-20

where do you get the leds and other electronic components from

I got the LEDs and resistor from The Source (canadian version of Radio-Shack) but now i got most of my components from: and
The pump is from an old toy, the tubing is the same that you would use for a fish tank and the base is from a lemodade dispenser.

cool thanks for telling me you live in canada too

Yeah, sometimes it's hard getting electronics and parts for a decent price here, and don't get me started on airsoft guns.. =P

Ha4xor4life (author)2008-07-27

whats the base made from? its really cool!

Its from some old "Easy Bake" Lemonade fountain thing, you might be able to find one at a garage sale.

ReVolt (author)2006-09-05

What is the case made out of? If you're using a two liter, why not use an air pump for an aqurium? The air pump would stop the back flow of air, keeping the soda good

muriani (author)ReVolt2008-05-06

Actually, just need a check valve, not pump replacement. The issue he raises is that as he pumps the soda out, the space previously occupied with soda is now a vacuum, and eventually will not only stop pumping, but will also suck the carbonation out of the soda making it go flat even faster. Best suggestion I have is this: Empty the soda into a flexible flask CAREFULLY to increase retained carbonation. Then pump from that. As the liquid level decreases, the flask volume will also decrease, eliminating the need for ventilation and keeping the soda fizzy longer :)

Great idea. Thanks!

luck (author)2008-05-05

You could use a fizz keeper instead of a regular soda cap. That way when the soda goes flat you can add more fizz,this eliminates the need for the air hole. Plus it will keep pressure in the bottle and help push the soda out. You can get a fizz keeper at food loin for like 3$.

michael forster (author)2008-01-01

I say use air pressure put the soda in a bottle then put a tube from the cap to the pump, make sure you have a tube under the bottle so the soda can come out

i made the little soda dispenser. it uses pressure to force the soda out. this is just the prototype of it. the real one will have an electric pump so no work is needed. unfortunately with this one you have to pump the air in manually. Should i post when im done?

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-11-20

that cool! But actually at target for 10$ they have a soda fountain thing, basicly its on of tho's bar tender style drink sprayer things with a small built in pump on top, and it goes threw tubes to 2 2L bottles of pop!

Lol in mine i keep Hawian Punch, and the other bottle rubbing alcohol ( to fill up my rubbing alcohol sprayer, for fire or no you cant drink rubbing alcohol, it will make you go blind (seriously it will.)

e.bender (author)2007-10-31

you could make or find a butter fly valve, that only is open when air is being sucked through it from pressure within, say a vacumm or pump of sorts. ;o) EB

LinuxH4x0r (author)2007-09-26

Use an air compressor to "charge" a canister of air. Nontoxic and more environmentally friendly. Otherwise nice instructable.

saites2001 (author)2006-09-02

You might try making a special connector for the bottle. That way, you would just have to unscrew the cap and screw it into the holder. It would also allow you to add a small flap with a spring under it. The spring would keep the flap from letting air out, but when a vacuum is present (like when you're sucking soda out of the bottle), it will be forced open allowing air the fill in the space. It would also be convenient if you keep the drink cold. I guess you might be able to put a small hole in a refriderator, run the tubing from it, and insulate the whole line, but it may be more trouble than it's worth.

Ya I had that before in the hole but i had to use it for the mainconnector and I can't find a similar sort of connecter/valve but thanks.

antirem (author)2006-09-02

I have an idea to get rid of that hole! You need 2, 2 liters for this one as well as a can of compressed air. The 2 liter in your example will be called "A" and the new one is "B" Make a hole on the bottom of 2 liter A. Have a tube go through this hole and insert it into your dispenser. Make only one hole on the cap of "A" as well as cap "B", connect them with tubes instructable wont let you have spaces in comments to begin a line so i had to photoshop ascii... example one is what im talking about here Buy a can of compressed air. (cheap) Put 2 liter "B" and the compressed air can on the ground. Then put a hole in the 2 liter where the straw hits the 2 liter and make a whole in the 2 liter. Seal tightly. Fill the 2nd 2 liter up with air so that its pressurized. Add air as needed! (example 2) The finally product should resemble example 3.

trebuchet03 (author)antirem2006-09-02

just FYI, the "canned" air stuff you buy for cleaning electronics and alike... is indeed not suitable for human consumption and to my knowledge is toxic. Not something you want to expose food to. If you're going to go that far - cheap handpumps are fine ;) Ever been to a kegger? works without problems :P

antirem (author)trebuchet032006-11-15

it is very toxic, i didnt know that on my previous post. 5 kids in my area killed themselves by trying to get high of this stuff.... f*cking idiots.. a drug user is different then a drug ABuser, read erowid

antirem (author)trebuchet032006-11-15

it is very toxic, i didnt know that on my previouse post. 5 kids in my area killed themselves by trying to get high of this stuff.... f*cking idiots.. a drug user is different then a drug ABuser, read erowid

antirem (author)trebuchet032006-09-03

if it is toxic (ive never checked) you could switch it out with a matteres air compressor or something on those lines

antirem (author)antirem2006-09-02

click on pics individually, spacing is messed up and im not going back into photoshop :D

JimmyJames (author)2006-11-06

Where did you get the pump?

I got it from a splash attack laser chase thingy. You can also get them from any electronic powered super soaker, just make sure to sterilize any pump and tubing that you use.

Fake_Name (author)2006-10-10

You shouldn't even need the pump. Provided the soda isn't totally flat, it should generate enough pressure to force the soda up through the tubing and out the tap. Try sealing up the top of the bottle, and installing a valve on the output. Just make sure all the connections can stand ~ 30 psi. As a side bonus, the soda won't go flat as rapidly.

Brett (author)2006-09-02

Very nice instructable.

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