Soda Fountain 2


Introduction: Soda Fountain 2

My soda fountain does not operate an C02 simply uses a small electric pump.This is my first instuctable and its not very good(I had to take it apart and redo it for this) I hope to have a better version of it soon.

Step 1: What You Need

- A plastic base of some sort
- A small elctric pump
- 6v power supply (I got mine from an old CD player)
- 5ft of tubing (an air hose for a fish tank works the best)
- 2 LEDs and a 100ohm resistor (this is just to make it look cool.It is obtional)
- A toggle switch
- Wire (I dont know what guage.Just go for pretty thin)
- A fish tank tube connector and half a foot of tubing (optional)
- A 2 litre

- A soldering iron
- Wire strippers and cutters
- electrical tape
- A hot glue gun

Step 2: Getting Started

(sorry I did this kindove backwards.You might want to drill all the holes THEN attatach all of the components)

First of all you have to find the input and output for power and drink of your choice on the pump. Once you have found it drill a hole in your base and connect the tube from the output into the spout (USE LOTS OF HOT GLUE) . Next drill a hole in the back of the base,feed the 5ft tube through and connect the tube to the input of the pump OR if your using a connector, feed a small ( about half a foot) of tube through and connect to the output then on the other end connect the connector.

Step 3: LEDs

Now for the LEDs. For this step I'm expecting you know how to wire LEDs up to a 6v power supply witha 100ohm resistor. Drill 2 holes wearever you want the LEDs to be, then hook up the wires from the LEDs to the switch and the power supply. Now When you turn on the pump the LEDs turn on too.

Step 4: The 2 Litre

First, drill a hole in the cap of the two litre big enough for the hose to fit through. Then Drill a very small hole for air, you need this hole because when the the liquid is pumped out, air needs to get in to replace it.This is bad because after while the pop goes flat. If you have any improvements let me know in the comments.

Step 5: Finsh!

I don't think I forgot anything... If you need more info or you have improvements tell me in the comments. Enjoy!



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     What electric pump did you use? Can you direct me to a site where you purchased it?

     an easy way to do it could be to attach a pump to the small hole and pump air in only when it needs it

    if possible, I would suggest a one way valve, that way when the pressurelowers enough, it will just suck its own air in, then keep closed whennot in use. =D

    you said You don't want the air to get in, you want it to get out. Thats what a airlock does you Said the wrong thing so i said use a airlock

    1 reply

    i have just done this BUT instead of just adding alittle hole I drilled a hole in the top of the bottle added some more pipe to a Jam jar filled half with water and the pipe in the water and a few holes in the top A homemade airlock So air can get out but not in

    2 replies

    Add this with the micro USB fridge instructable and it would be complete!

    You can, but I wouldn't recommend it. It depends on the toxicity of the fog juice you used. Some of the older fog juice was just glycerin and water (which is quite safe), but some of the new stuff has a lot of toxins in it. Either way, make sure you pump Javex and water (3 parts water and 1 part Javex) for a few hours, then rinse it out by pumping just water through it for twice the length of the Javex mixture.

    If I read this right you seem to be sending the soda through the pump - After a while of use you'd have to ask: 1. Is the pump hygenic any more? 2. How long will the pump take to clog up with sugar. Another method would be to run 2 tubes into the bottle - The one from the pump should end just below the bottle cap (not touching the liquid) and will pressueise the bottle when the pump is on. The 2nd tube should be the outlet and will go all the way to the botom of the bottle. The extra pressure in the bottle generated by the pump would push the soda out the other tube without the soda going through the pump at any time. I would also suggest investing in two plastic valves (often used for homebrewing beer,etc) that could fit on the 2 tubes. Close them both when you're done with the fountain to stop the bottle going flat so quickly.

    5 replies

    I'm no chemist, but since the sugar is dissolved in the liquid soda how would it clog the works. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, just curious.

    Left over soda would become a syrup after it sitting for a while.

    I'm not chemist either, but I am a biochemist, and just because something is dissolved in water doesn't mean it can react/precipitate in the pump and clog it. Thin kbaout in the shower/bath.... that grimy stuff you can get built up around the faucet/etc if you have hard water is just a consequence of the extra minerals/metal iuons in the water (dissolved), same sort of principle... I believe... not being a chemist though I can't be 100% sure

    I understand now, thanks Murf and saites2001.

    Hi dude Just to let u know I bought a few washer pumps from a Auction the other week for like 1 £ (about $2) and I steriziled them BY Putting them in a 1.5 litre coke bottle Putting the cord through the lid so it Pumps straight back into the Bottle and having it pump Baby Bottle sterilizing fluid for 24 hours . Its not very Powerful but it does the job nicely