Introduction: Soda Fountain

a fun, different way to drink a soda.

Step 1: Material

all you need is a can of soda, a needle and a hammer (optional).

Step 2: Make a Hole!

make a hole in the bottom of the can with the needle and hammer.

Step 3: Drink

Here's where it get's messy. now that you have a hole, i would advise going outside, or to a sink.
Once you are ready, just give it a little shake and the soda shoots out the hole.
try experimenting with the size of the hole.


a918bmxr made it!(author)2009-10-16

real men just stab it with a knife which is always in his pocket

(but this works too)

chimpanzeeboy made it!(author)2009-11-10

 Or just shoot it with your pocket handgun!

Redgerr made it!(author)2010-03-04

or shoot it with a rifle and try to get any drop in your mouth

junits15 made it!(author)2009-10-02

this is cool gotta try it

GwydTUnusual made it!(author)2009-02-16

Needle? Hammer? I always just punctured the base of the can with one of my canine teeth. I'm not being sarcastic here, just bit into it. Yes...I still have all of my teeth.

ryry214 made it!(author)2008-11-28

Another way of this is to take a ball-point pen and drive it through the little circle that holds the tab on. Then you can cap off the hole and shake it, releasing the soda into your mouth (ok, or onto a friend).

codongolev made it!(author)2008-07-06

it's much better to just throw it down the driveway (preferably rolling end over end) until it explodes or punctures.

coolketan95 made it!(author)2008-06-22

thats just wasting time! There is nothing special in it!!!

Domindude3 made it!(author)2008-01-20

We would always throw it on the ground, or hit it on something hard. I Can't believe we hid all those cans from my mom

Tool+Using+Animal made it!(author)2007-09-23

When I was young, we'd take cans of beer, punch the hole with a penknife, hold the hole up to our mouth and pop the top, called it "shotgunning". Reminds me of a girl I knew.....

Bran made it!(author)2007-09-23

When I was young

How young?

Reminds me of a I knew....

Because she did it too? Or.....?

Tool+Using+Animal made it!(author)2007-09-23

Younger than the law would allow ;-) She taught me how.

Jeremykid made it!(author)2007-11-27

Does it shoot out of your nose? ( is it supposed to do that? )

qtm made it!(author)2007-10-02

Don't try shotgunning a Coke... it burns!

Fishbone35 made it!(author)2007-09-25

All my buddies used to do that, but I never could. I just ended up shooting beer out of my nose. Same results with a beer bong. :P

Weissensteinburg made it!(author)2007-09-23

Yup, they still do that =]

asianwizard made it!(author)2007-09-23

oh yea not only kids do that ;]

%21Andrew_Modder%21 made it!(author)2007-09-24

i used to do that, but when the pressure decends, you got to open the tab, and you got pop pouring out the side. when i used to do it, we just kinda hit it with a rock :-\

sparky2012 made it!(author)2007-09-23

Nice. How far does the soda shoot out?

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