video Soda Prank
Prank just about anyone with this prank.
it's funnier when you use the supersize icecubes and 6 mentos.
ikeike405 years ago
what if they put it in water instead?
zeibak5 years ago
so evil i luv it mowhahaha
tnargl5 years ago
lol ur mexican lol
whjh6 years ago
nice one, very cool
ee9096 years ago
This is so cool :D.
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
that's very cool i'll try it seems like a good idea
LOl Lol i
dsaavedra6 years ago
cool, but it will only work (overflow) if the person hasn't drank any of the drink by the time the ice melts. otherwise, the ice will melt and it will foam up, but it will stay in the cup.
Im going to try this!
legobrick556 years ago
that is very cool great job!
Great twist on the Mentos/soda reaction!
Brennn107 years ago
Lol, I like that.