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First of all I would like to credit krazy glu with the whole concept. This is how to make a necklace with soda tabs.


Loads of soda tabs(100+ probably)
A large safety pin

Step 1: Start Collecting

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You're going to need ALOT of soda tabs. I used 94 tabs, but my neck is really small so you should probably get as many as possible. I would say 100+.

Step 2: Cut N' Bend

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Now you're going to need to cut the soda tabs so you can put them together. So take your multitool and select your pliers. I think the best place to cut is the little crease in the tab. Refer to the first picture for futher explaination on the crease.

Cut 4 tabs on the same side then bend each one. Try to bend the same amount for each one.

Step 3: Connect N' Bend

Picture of Connect N' Bend

Now take 8 cut tabs and seperate them into two piles of 4. Slip one set of 4 into the uncut part of the other set. Refer to the picture for futher explaination.

Now bend the cut part back on the set you put through the hole.

Step 4: Make the Clasp

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Add links to the chain until it will fit comfortably around your neck.

Now take your safety pin and your multitool, and cut the pointy part off of your safety pin so that you don't accidently stab yourself while putting on the necklace.

Put the safety pin through the hole at one end of the chain and put the other part through the other end.

Step 5: AND BAM!

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Now you have an awesome necklace. Now go out and have strangers ask you about it.


3366carlos (author)2013-05-16

very nice. i would alternate the cuts to add more strength (one cut on the left and one on the right).

lisz (author)2012-08-16

mine's this..actually a different way of making it :) just drop by to share~ but i will be definately going to make one like d above ..thanks for d idea :)

pancho del rancho (author)2009-09-20

these wont rust or anything rite

well they wont rust if u don't put them in water for a long period of time and do it more then once!! 

War on 45 (author)Takena Bako2012-01-22

Your comment leaves me perplexed.
Since aluminium cans contain water or similar liquids, you can deduce that aluminum does not rust.

nerfer192 (author)Takena Bako2011-03-27

well aluminum doesn't oxidize or if it does it takes alot longer than steel, so no they wont rust

yeah, thats why they make pop cans from aluminium. because they dont rust with pop inside of them. :)

Aluminum is chemically inert to natural substances. So soaking it in water for a few years, or leaving it outside in the sun will not cause any chemical or physical change to aluminum.

oh okay thx ill make it then

eulaliaaaa! (author)2011-05-20

A safety pin clasp? *gasp. I would use something more along the lines of a paper clip. Less "grabby", if you know what I mean.

War on 45 (author)eulaliaaaa!2012-01-22

A key-ring or lobster clasp works well too.

MakeLifeColorful (author)2011-07-20

Oh that's a lot of soda tabs. I might do this just with two tabs instead of four. Lovely idea all the same!

Well, two tabs might not be too strong, but since this is a piece of jewelry, I say go for it.

J@50n (author)2009-06-16

not to be "smart" or anything but you have exactally 128 pop tops and 1 safty pin :)

War on 45 (author)J@50n2012-01-20

He has 92 stay-on-tabs and one safety pin.

Great job counting!

War on 45 (author)2012-01-19

I found many pull-tabs by checking the tops of canned foods. This included cat and dog food cans. But they're all different sizes. I usually drink bottles, and the amount of pop I consume is relatively low.

hollowthekiller (author)2011-08-12

i HAVE +300 so i could atleast make 3

joelr97 (author)2011-06-24

nice instructable heres a pic of mine (mines a bracelet)

baneat (author)2008-11-06

The dificulty is collecting the tabs, I knew someone who spent ages collecting and she finally had enough for her project :) I bet you can buy the tabs on their own, though.

paqrat (author)baneat2010-07-31

Having read a couple of instructables on making chain mail out of pop tabs I started saving them too. I am not much of a beverage drinker so I soon saw I would die of old age before having enough. On my short drive to work I noticed a number of discarded aluminum cans along the road. Thankfully it wasn't long before I realized that most of those cans probably had pop tabs. They did. I got a wal mart sack and went out to gather pop tabs. I walked along the road and when I spotted a can I'd pick it up, take the tab off and put the can in my walmart sack. At the end of roughly 45 minutes I had a bulging walmart sack of aluminum cans and roughly 4 times more pop tabs than I'd been able to collect in months. From this I got excercise, cleaned up the roadside and got the pop tabs I was looking for. I suppose if I wanted to I could save enough of the cans to cash them in at a recycler's. Since we have a community recycling center I just donated the cans to them. Its a bit hot now to go out gathering but as soon as it cools off a bit I will be getting more pop tabs.

Aphera (author)2010-07-23

I'm making one right now out of regular silver tabs and then two colored ones, it looks freaking awesome!!! Thanks for the Idea TWO THUMBS UP FOR YOU!!!!

amakerguy (author)2008-12-03

cool heres's mine.

rix_101 (author)amakerguy2010-07-18

i used a carabiner for mine too :D

instructable doggie (author)2010-02-13

 dude awesome i want 2 thank you that this is the best instructasble ever and i am dying to make it but my dumb brother stole all of my tabs 

Ian01 (author)2008-08-10

I would probably use 3 per set to make it more flexible. Plus, fewer to collect!

bryce$merryman (author)Ian012010-01-23

that is what i did and i only used 94 tabs but it still looks great :)

Under the bridge (author)2009-11-28

i made one to connect my nipple piercings, it looks great.

just shows that this can look good for all sorts of stuff.

NIJU! (author)2009-11-12

 i made this 5 mins ago but i stoped cause i ran out of tabs :(

Mr.Sanchez (author)2009-10-23

Dude It looks really cool on my jannis neck...thnks and keep on workn...

Keira_Yagami (author)2009-04-02

Can you use Hot glue instead of Krazy Glue?

the idea went to krazy glu. You don't need crazy glue for the project.

spenfisher12 (author)2009-08-28


RedneckAsian (author)2009-08-20

almost done with mine

porcupinemamma (author)2009-07-19

I've seen this done with a single layer of pop tabs, but yours is WAY cooler. Nice bling!

dr.tran (author)2009-06-26

Great Instructable. Instead of making a necklace I mad a wallet chain. In the end i used 132 tabs to make it and its about a foot and a half long.

icedog515 (author)2008-09-26

lol after seein this i made 1 outta 250 tabs, although i suppose potter's blows mine outta the water...meh. monster energy tabs are colored, i save them _

show apic ofyourone madefrom monster tabs please

srry not many spaces the bar was sticky but i fixed it

thoraxe (author)2009-01-31

eh, you should have cut the thicker part vs the thin part, cutting the thin part seems to be too weak, as it will probably bend from pressure. I was able to support 58 lbs of weight on mine b4 i ran out of weight lol.

KoolAidDisaster (author)2008-12-22

lol this is badass... im doing as i comment hells yeah

senasachi (author)2008-09-21

wouldn't it break though? cuz u jus bended it bac so if there is alot of pressure wouldn't it fall apart?

Mr_Roboto94 (author)senasachi2008-10-10

For it to break all 4 tabs in one of the links would have to break. Also this is meant more to be a piece of jewelry not a substitute for an actual chain.

Flumpkins (author)2008-08-20

AWESOME!!! 5/5 + FAVE, why hasn't this been featured?

agdollison (author)2008-07-09

i like this better than others because it thick and beastly

rocknrollskwurl (author)2008-07-08

dude i gota make one and spray paint it gold!!!!!! **blingbling**

pyro13 (author)2008-07-08

I think this was done by Krazy glu, but you took better pictures.

Mr_Roboto94 (author)pyro132008-07-08

I credited him in the first line.

RyanPotter (author)2008-07-08

I made a chain like this a year or two ago... I found it while cleaning my room the other day, and I measures it. It was just over 10 feet long. I guess I had too much free time back in the day!

o WONDERBREAD o (author)2008-07-08

very very very small good idea...making a bracelet soon

denona (author)2008-07-07

cool! ill probly make 1!!

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