In a couple of weeks I will be doing a some workshops at my daughter's junior high school.  I want an easy, fun project/technique that girls and boys might like...  The school is very community and service oriented, so a recycled/re-use project fits the school theme.  I will  teach the kids to use soda can metal sheet to make pendant bases that can be embellished with wire lacing and beads.  (and I will stealthily give the kids some lacing practice - most kids nowadays cannot even sew a simple seam!)

- empty, clean soda pop can 
- craft scissors (NOT your good sewing scissors) or tin snips
- coarse sandpaper (120-180 grit) or cheap emory boards (nail files)
- wire - from craft store, salvaged from tranformer winding or magnet wire  anything between 32 and 24 gauge will work.
- awl
- wire cutter
- small pliers- round and/or flat nose/chain nose or needle nose
- stack of news paper or mat to protect work surface from the awls
- tape - anything cheap and removable
- leftover seed beeds or bugle beads (optional)
- pattern shape or template (optional)


Step 1: Preparing the pendant blank

1.  Wash and rinse soda pop can. 
Remember to BE CAREFUL OF SHARP EDGES - hold metal by the center, not by the sharp edges.
2. Cut off the top and bottom with a craft/'junk' scissors or wire snipper.  Slit side of can to make a flat sheet of metal foil.
3. Find some kind of pattern shape - plastic bottle lid, square of card board, small cookie cutter etc.
4. Decide if you want a plain silver pendant - use the inside surface of the can.  Or, find an interest part of the outside of the can design.
5. Trace around your template with a pencil (faint line is fine, just enough to see the cutting line).
6. Neatly cut around outline.  Lightly sand any sharp edges.
great :D i like the one with the ying-yang &amp; the peace sign :)<br>very cool!
These are really cool, great job!
Nice, I like the yin-yang one.

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