Step 3: Lace Wire Around the Pendant Edge

1.  Select your wire color/type:  note that enameled wire can be scratched as it is threaded through the holes.
2.  Select optional beads to thread onto the lacing wire.
3.  Simplest method is to overcast the edge.  Lace wire through one hole and bend to secure (leave 1/2-1 inches of wire to secure the opposite end when you are done lacing).  Thread any optional beads onto the wire.  Lace wire over the outer edge and up through the next hole (from the bottom side).  Pull wire snug - be careful not to kink the wire.  Use your finger or pliers to keep wire in a nice loop as you pull it tight.  Repeat as needed.
4. If you want a solid line of beads, use a back stitch and go trhough the same hole twice.  From bottom side, skip to second hole and pull thread to the top, add bead and go down through the previous skipped hole.  Skip to next second hole, repeat.  This is how I did the center of the Peace symbol pendant.

hint: use CAUTION, but bugle beads can be cut/broken with a scissors to whatever length you need to complete your design.  Grasp one end of bugle bead, put bead in a plastic or paper bag to catch broken glass, and gently squeeze the bead with the scissors until the bead cracks.  BE CAREFUL OF BROKEN GLASS PIECES - make sure they all end up in the bag.  Sand the broken end of the bead to remove any sharp edges.

5.  Lace as desired to complete design.  When you are done, twist wire ends together and form bail to hang your pendant.  Wrap wire around itself to secure the end (or lace it back through a few holes).  - SAFETY TIP - hold excess wire in one hand while you cut the wire, this prevents wire bits from flying around and possibly into your eyes etc.  Carefully trim wire for a neat and finished look.

great :D i like the one with the ying-yang &amp; the peace sign :)<br>very cool!
These are really cool, great job!
Nice, I like the yin-yang one.

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