Soda-themed Cupcakes


Introduction: Soda-themed Cupcakes

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My brother is a BIG soda fan. Every year, I make him some crazy cake (the previous year, it was a full-size replica of his Fender Strat, and the year before that it was a bowling ball and pins). This year, I wanted to do something a little different that didn't consume so much time, nor cause so much stress!

So I took two of his favorite sodas, and incorporated them into cupcakes. Here I have chocolate-CocaCola cake with CocaCola buttercream, and citrus-MountainDew cake with citrus-MountainDew buttercream.

I also decided to make matching cupcake wrappers. I created his name in the classic CocaCola font, and a font very similar to the Mountain Dew font. I used my Cricut cutter to design the wrapper, and also to cut out the names.

I ended up liking the cupcake wrappers so much, I decided to go very minimal with the cupcake decorations and just simply adorned them with Haribo Happy Colas and Haribo Fruit Salad pieces.

My brother was thrilled, and everyone LOVED the cupcakes. I would have to say that the chocolate-CocaCola ones were my favorite.



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    Cool! I would love to know how to make these, though.

    3 replies

    Thanks splazem! I am considering doing a tutorial on these, as well as posting a free template of the basic cupcake wrappers.

    Sounds great!

    You have the luckiest brother in the world. My sister gave me iodized salt once. Morton's, I believe. It would have been cute if she were little. She was 23.

    1 reply

    That's terrible! I hope she's much nicer to you now!