Step 2: Chemical Reaction

Picture of Chemical Reaction
Put some baking soda in one of the containers. I used a heaping spoonful in a measuring cup.

Add vinegar very slowly. Too much and the container will overflow with foam. Add a little, wait for the foaming to subside, add a little more.

Keep adding vinegar a little at a time, stirring the mixture.

Stop adding vinegar once the mixture stops bubbling, even with stirring.

What you should have now is a solution of sodium acetate in water. I ended up with the measuring cup nearly full of solution.
When i followed your instructions,the baking soda and vinegar liquid turned out to be white in colour.the gel is white in colour,now its already cooled,its still completely white,did i do anything wrong?
ivankeri6 years ago
Then, as the Instructable states that I need a mixture that has "stopped bubbling", I carefully poured the transparent liquid into another beaker and left the remaining "bubbling powder" in the original cup where I stirred and stirred. FInally I put that "non-bubbling" solution in a glass pot to heat on the stove in a shed (as I didn't want my microwave to keep such acrid smell). And so that less-than-a-cup solution, after catching fire Twice (a huge-HUGE flame somehow stayed "floating" just above the pot, above a "non-flammable gaseous cloud" or something of the sort. I managed to obtain about 10g of Sodium Acetate. I have a question to you all... Have you ever tried obtaining more than such a petty amount? if so, what measures have you used. In my case I'm looking forward to try the "Fake ice in no time, and it requires 100g! of Sodium Acetate, which seems A LOT if one actually needs to wait for ALL of the Sodium bicarbonate to dissolve perfectly. Thank you very much.
samando6 years ago
thanks very much! you just told me what the thing I made in 6th grade was, but I made mine into a complete solid and ate it straight. It doesn't taste very good, but is kind of addictive. P.S. It is also completely flame retardant
me and my husband charlie did this for my duaghter isabella and it was easy
me and my daughter isabella and her friend edward did this for science fair they did not measure they r so perfect
TKL6 years ago
we need to prepare how much baking soda and vinegar?? and how much vinegar should i mix with the baking soda??
Tmbo179326 years ago
is this safe?
7ofspades7 years ago
hey how much sodium bicarbonate should i mix with the vinegar?
hey just one spoon full
mskfuller6 years ago
how much vinegar should i add with the baking soda? did you measure it at all.