Step 3: Boiling

Picture of Boiling
Microwave the solution to boil off the water. It took me about 20 minutes on High. I did this in three 5-minute segments, followed by a series of 1-minute segments.

Keep boiling it down until you start to hear sizzling and popping sounds. It should still be a liquid, though. If you end up with a foul-smelling yellow lump, you've gone too far.

The resulting volume should be about 1/10 the original solution.

Note: The container will be very hot.

divkvobk5 years ago
Emizz175 years ago
can you boil this instead of putting it in the microwave?
the weirdest thing happened when i did it it made weird flash oflike fire then when i took it out it looked like peicesof shriveled gum  
darkdan7776 years ago
Ive got a white lump looks like chewing gum ?
megkaye6 years ago
how bad does this smell?? will it make your microwave smell really bad for a long time?
TrySomeOfMy6 years ago
I realy wouldnt put that in the microwave coz it produces much vapor..unles you r planing not to use the microwave again...i'd beteer boil the water out in open space outdoors....
hollandvw6 years ago
so,... When do the crystal form? After they come out of the microwave? After they cool down? Or do I have to so another step???
P.S. I know the crystals form when the liquid is blown. When is the solution a gel?
shikori76 years ago
I got a white powder, is that good?it doesn't smell bad
hollandvw6 years ago
I have a powerful microwave. I did it on high, and after the second 5 minute round, the solution was yellow.
ThunderBolt6 years ago
uuhhmmm... well we dont have microwave.... Im just asking if..... i can use oven toaster?
since my microwave doesn't work all that well, I was wondering if I could just boil it on my gas stove top? get back to me as soon as you can, or anyone els reading this. but I do think that this cool and revolutionary way of making sodium acetate is a creative idea!
not sure, but I think that a stove would heat and burn the bottom, so u need to keep the temperature very low and will take forever, so microwave is ideal since it heats almost uniform (the new ones that rotate the plate inside only)