Sofa Coaster




Introduction: Sofa Coaster

Save the beer!!!!



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    I don't know why everyone is complaining about the slides... it's pretty simple, but ingenius all the same.

    haha thats a cute idea... or should I say 'manly idea', either way, cool

    Just to so everyone is clear. Written instructions are not required for Videos or Slideshows.

    Yes, but they're very helpful to have.

    Suggestion: If you see a Video or Slideshow Image (the picture depicts what it is) where the Instructable picture is, just assume that there won't be any written instructions. Then just skip over them or view the video/slideshow as is.

    Many many times, I read out of the corner of my eye without thinking. So when I do try skipping things, I end up catching a couple words, and then sometimes I'm interested. So that doesn't really work.

    When you open Instructables, just select the tab at the top that says "Instructables" (then just have Instructables bookmarked at that url). Afterwards, you won't have to worry about seeing these new additions.

    The page that button goes to doesn't show all new instructables, just popular ones. I like to look at new ones as they come, and search when I need to.

    Go to that page, then go to the "sort by" (located under the categories, but above the Instructables) and click recent. "Popular" is the default setting so when you click on any of the tabs, it'll sort by the most popular. Try it out for yourself: Click on the Instructables tab and then click back onto the All tab.