Picture of Sofa Coaster
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Save the beer!!!!
egriff6 years ago
I don't know why everyone is complaining about the slides... it's pretty simple, but ingenius all the same.
haha thats a cute idea... or should I say 'manly idea', either way, cool
pingeee7 years ago
I still like the original clear photos+written instructions instructables. These instructables without that turns me off. I keep thinking they are just for us to click to get them money (like metacafe stuffs)
Tool Using Animal (author)  pingeee7 years ago
Care to point out how I'm making money on this?
You've obviously teamed up with instructables in order to leach money out of poor helpless souls by posting slideshows without any written discription! Everyone! Run before its too late!
canida7 years ago
How about adding some "claws" to keep the coaster in place- depending on your couch it might be velcro, rubber flaps, or tetanus-inducing spikes. A rubber footing on top would also make the beer a bit more likely to stay put when someone gesticulates wildly.
Tool Using Animal (author)  canida7 years ago
I had wanted to try checkering the top, but the price of checkering tools was prohibitive. That and laziness. I like the claw idea, hmmmm.
agreed: rubber feet or something to make the bottom grip the cloth of the sofa, as well as cork or some other material on top for under the bottle/glass.
lebowski7 years ago
Nice, although my kids would knock it off before I could put my beer down.
LOL, i can imagine me doing that (I'm 12 {but clumsy})
ahhh, very nice!
Brennn107 years ago
Haha, I really like this. of course a teen like me would use a Soda instead of beer.