Sofa Table, Reclaimed Wood





Introduction: Sofa Table, Reclaimed Wood

A friend gave me this beautiful piece of cherry that used to be a mantle. I pondered about it for some time before deciding to simply make it into a sofa table. I thought the natural legs would be a nice contrast to the figured cherry.

Step 1: Gather Wood

A friend gave me this beautiful piece of live edge cherry. He said it used to be a mantle.
After pondering abt what to do with it I decided to make a sofa table. I thought a bunch of natural branches would be an interesting contrast to the cherry.
Any kind of branches will do as long as the are a hardwood. I cut a bunch from our gully and let them dry for a month.

Step 2: Drill Holes

I simply drilled some holes abt the same size as the branches I choose for the legs. Then after trimming them a little I inserted and secured them with 3 drywall screws.

Step 3: Add "rails and Stiles"

Just like building a chair or conventional table, you need to brace and strengthen the legs. Simple measure, trim and screw smaller branches to the legs until you think it is aesthetically pleasing and strong.

Step 4: And Your Done!

The cherry was already finished, I only had to buff it up a little with some paste wax and 00000 steel wool. I left the legs natural.

Step 5:

Step 6:



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It is terribly difficult to construct something with natural grace. This definitely has that and I voted for it. Oh, and +1 on jakeers comment.

Simple, earthy, natural beauty... this is the one for me. Oh, and I second Quadrifogilo +1 on jakeers comment, lol!

This is my first instructable, I make and restore furniture. Criticisms or questions are welcome!!

Looks pretty good!

If you happen to have any photos that show anywhere along the process of making this, those kinds of photos are always great to include. You can always open your published instructables to edit and add photos/info if you want.

If you don't have any additional photos, just remember next time you're working on something to snap a few photos along the way, in case you decide to share the final result.

This is good work - looking forward to see what you make next!!

Yeah, I appreciate that. Ill try and put more in next time. thank you

I want to eat breakfast from that table every day for the rest of my life.

This is a great looking rustic table! Very nice work :)