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I have found an old wooden
sofa that someone threw away; its armrest had a nice shape so I've removed it
from the sofa's Chassis and took it with me

I was wondering what I can make from it….

Because of its special curved shape, I've decided to create a swing seat for children.

Step 1:

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The first thing I did was sanding the wood, and then I've painted it several times to protect it using wood varnish.

Step 2:

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To hang the swing properly I've made Adapters.

I've found hollow tubes that fit the extent of the wood's inner diameter.

I've cut three-quarters of an iron link chain and weld it to the hollow tubes.

On the other side of the tubes I've drilled two holes for screws so it'll be strongly attached.

The other adapters were used for hanging the swing on the wooden beam.

To do that I've used two iron pallets 4 mm thick, I've drilled four holes on the corners

And I've welded the iron chain to the middle of the plates.

In addition; I've cut two ropes to 1.5 meter.

The last thing I did was painting the adapters with a protective blue color.

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Omer O (author)2015-07-27

thank you Bondi .

WhitskyU (author)2015-07-25

Excellent job

Omer O (author)WhitskyU2015-07-27

thank you !

Dubi01 (author)2015-07-25

great job!

Omer O (author)Dubi012015-07-27

thank you Dubi .

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