Picture of Sofa de Pallets (Pallet Sofa)

Olá pessoal,

Sou usuário do site a bastante tempo, mas este é o meu primeiro post aqui, então se faltarem detalhes ou algo não ficar muito claro, postem suas dúvidas e vou tentar ajudá-los.


Primeiramente gostaria de deixar claro uma coisa: moro no Brasil, e nossa língua é o Português (não Espanhol, nem tampouco Latim). Portanto é nela que vou escrever inicialmente a maioria dos meus projetos, pois assim como a maioria de nós tem que correr atrás de aprender outras línguas quando estamos navegando na internet é justo que todos façam o mesmo. Na pior das hipóteses, usem o tradutor do Google. Esse é o outro lado da globalização...;-)

Como o Instructables é um site internacional (e qual não seria?), vou tentar traduzir os meus projetos para o Inglês assim que possível, mas isso não será prioridade, e como meu inglês não é tão bom assim, qualquer auxílio será muito bem vindo.

Entretanto, fiquem a vontade para tirar suas dúvidas em qualquer língua. Farei o melhor possível pra responder também na língua perguntada.


First of all; i live in Brazil, and here we speeak Portuguesse (not spanish, nor latin). So, initially my projects will be written in Portugueese, because if most of us need to learn another languages when surfing on the internet, its fair all do the same. In the worst cenario, try use Google Translator. That's the other side of Globalization ;-)

As instructables is an international site (wich doesn't?), i'll try to translate my projects to English as soon as possible, but it will not be a priority, and as my English it's not so good, any help will be apreciated.

However, be confortable to ask your questions in any language. I promess do my best to answer in your language too.

######## UPDATE (11/17/2012) ########:
The text has been fully translated.
Forgive my bad English, I tried to do my best.
Any collaboration and / or correction are welcome.

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GregoryG23 months ago

qual o custo final do seu sofá?

ludysouza5 months ago

Vocês lembram quanto pagaram nas espumas?

Fe Hessel5 months ago

Ótimo post e também adorei ler as instruções em português!
Quanto tempo você gastou para fazer o projeto todo

Thank you..
or : Obrigado

I got this off of google translator.. Hope it means Thank you in Portuguesse like Google said.

manfredpw (author)  Silver_Kate1 year ago

Yeap, it means Thank You.

wertey981 year ago
you asked for spelling corrections and i found a few needed in the notice.Portuguese,in the parentheses it should be which,promise not promess, speeak has one e so its speak, and cenario is scenario.and the design is pretty sweet but the fabric is awsome
Keznaa2 years ago
Where do you get pallets from
manfredpw (author)  Keznaa2 years ago
Hi Keznaa,

I bought them from a local reseller that recycle used pallets from industries around my city.

asairutsa2 years ago
Ola! Not bad for your first 'Instructables' project. I like how clear and detailed the photos are. It helps a lot to understand how you did your project. Suggestion for your other projects to come... Try to photograph all angle or sides of your project if possible. For someone who learns by looking at pictures like me, it's very helpful. Gracias.
manfredpw (author)  asairutsa2 years ago
Hi asairusta, sorry for not reply before. I have been busy these days.

Happy your like the project, and tks for your observations about angle of photos. I'm not a good photographer, but will try to make better pictures.

See ya.
blkhawk2 years ago
I enjoyed your project very much and it is now one of my favorites. It is a good idea to translate your projects to English. English is considered a lingua franca or a diplomatic language. Writing your projects in English will allow for more people to benefit from your work. I noticed that you emphasized twice that you speak Portuguese and not Spanish. Many people know that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, so the mention of this fact is not necessary. Many contributors of Instructable speak languages other than English, and they resort to online translators whenever they publish a project. Although I am a native Spanish speaker, I also speak English. I do not need a translator when I publish my projects but, for those that do not speak English fluently there is the option of internet translators. I hope that this will be the first of many more projects to come!
manfredpw (author)  blkhawk2 years ago
Hi buddy, take a look at this:

Its part of how world see us. Maybe our fault, i don't know.

It is not the fault of the Brazilian people. In United States many people are either ignorant or hold misconceptions of the people in other countries. Two institutions deserve the blame for this: the American education system and the media. Students in the US perform much poorly compared to students in other countries and we are constantly bombarded in the news with the ugly side of other countries. Only once I saw on TV a program about Brazil and it was a travel show on a public television station that almost nobody watches. This is something that makes anyone feel indignation but the only thing to do is to educate some people whenever the opportunity presents.
manfredpw (author)  blkhawk2 years ago
I agree.
manfredpw (author)  blkhawk2 years ago
Tks buddy, my intention with the "notice" was a "just in case".
But sure i understand the English language importance these days, and as i said i will try to translate it to English when i can.
In the truth, as this is my first instructable i saw lots of details are missing (such as some meassures, a princing list of the used materials...), and i will let to translate after some corrections/complements.
Again, tks a lot for your appretiation of my work, it means a lot to me.
bperán2 years ago
It's a good and cheap proyect. I think people should recycle more, it's cheap and funny by this way.

P.S.: Really people think that in south america everyone speaks in latin? When tourists (lots of them) come to Spain, they think we dress like bullfighter. Sorry if my english isn't good at all.
manfredpw (author)  bperán2 years ago
About your PS, i found something:
manfredpw (author)  bperán2 years ago
I really forgot tu put the costs of this project (promise will put later, ok?), but it was around R$250, (i think its is about $100).

Even with this moster named "internet", some people already think we live in a julgle, surrounded by lots of monkeys and birds jumping over our heads, our capital is Montevideo or Buenos Aires, and Pele is our president, hehe.

If this was true, we brazilians 'd think spanish people are all nice breast woman and bullfighters (and not the amazing people you are), north-american people are all white-fat-ugly (and not the best wood and metal workers i ever see) and russians are all drunks (and does not have such a beautifull culture they have)...
I know people from many countries, and love to study its culture and habits.

lburch12 years ago
Good job! You Should promote it as a Green project
manfredpw (author)  lburch12 years ago
Hi iburch1,

I don't know if i understand what you mean.

Is that a instructables feature or sometheng like a contest? Or you tihink i should made the project text, emphasizing this project has a "Green" focus?

Claudia2 years ago
MUITO BOM SEU PROJETO, e é ótimo encontrar as instruções na nossa lingua!
manfredpw (author)  Claudia2 years ago
Oi Claudia.

Que bom que gostou.

sofá muito legal
manfredpw (author)  the doctor who2 years ago
Ficou muito confortável tb e estamos usando bastante.
Você tem outras idéias para móveis de paletes?
manfredpw (author)  the doctor who2 years ago
Yes, of course.

I'm usually inspired by Google Images ( as a reference, and will try to do some other pallet projects later (like some shelves...).

By now i need to put here in instructables some other projects i made, its just a matter of time.

thank you
Tudo para que tipo de máquina de costura que você usa? porque eu nunca pode encontrar em que trabalha certo, eu seria mão costura-lo.
manfredpw (author)  the doctor who2 years ago
Hi doctor who,

Weel, we used a SINGER sewing machine, model Prêt-à-Porter:

It is a non-professional machine, but did the job quite well (moreover, it was a home-made projetc, no "need" of pro tools).

All of my sewing machines all was brakes needs or thred
Edgar2 years ago
Boa! Foi para o meu Blog de engenhocas:
manfredpw (author)  Edgar2 years ago
Olá Edgar,

Fico feliz que tenha gostado do projeto, e como ele tem seus devidos direitos autorais protegidos pela licença CC (Creative Commons), citando a fonte e autor (como você já fez) pra mim é suficiente ;-)

Sobre o Kilz, não achei interessante tratar o pallet por 2 motivos:
- Me parece que esse produto químico é muito forte, com componentes que também podem causar câncer, etc. Prefiro não arriscar.
- Os pallets que usei são aqueles mais baratos, e creio no Brasil estes pallets, quando para uso no mercado interno, não sofrem o tratamento químico como os para exportação (ref.:

Abraços, e que bom que gostou.
Edgar manfredpw2 years ago
O que eu faço, é pôr a gente interessada a ver os links, e aproveitartem o que quizerem. Também é uma boa ideia para ter tudo no mesmo sítio, para quando eu mesmo preciso... LOL

Nas palletes, uma camada de verniz chega e sobra, mas esse Killz pode servir para quando se recuperam tMáquinas e Bancadas de trabalho e coisas do género, que sabe-se lá onde estiveram...

Um abraço,
HandySun2 years ago
Where do you get pallets from? Stores return them to the company they got them from, and they get repaired and redistributed
manfredpw (author)  HandySun2 years ago
Hi HandySun,

I found this pallets on a local reseller: it buy broken or old pallets from industries around the city, restore them and sell again, at a lower price.

antioch2 years ago
Very good but...: Pallets inside house = unhealthy :(
manfredpw (author)  antioch2 years ago
Yes, i agree.
It was a concern when we planned this project, but as this room is sunny and well ventilated, and i will sand and varnish (is that the pronounce), i think the risk of mold (i think is that the word, right?) will be lower.
Oh, no, personally I wouldn't be concerned about mold and such.
The health risk i am referring to is methyl bromide, a toxin applied to most pallets.
Skip to "Phytosanitary Compliance"
More blabla

Unsurprisingly, MB pallets are still widely in use.
In eastern europe, south asia and probably many other countries there's big business refitting discarded {MB} pallets with {HT} stamps.

I think your sofa is too pretty to throw away. Maybe you can get a weather-proof outdoor fabric and use it as garden sofa?
G_K antioch2 years ago
Couldn't you spray Killz on it, then apply whatever varnish, etc.. Killz is supposed to lock in anything creating a barrier. We use it all the time on items that are questionable and never had any issues afterwards.
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