Sofia's House





Introduction: Sofia's House

Sofia's House was the project that made me realize that it was possible to do much more by my self. It was my first big DIY project.

Step 1: Making the Frame

the only wood that I bought was to do the frame. It was important to have a strong and resistant frame.

Step 2: Roof

After making the frame I bought a flexible and resistant and easy to work roof.

Step 3: Floor and Walls

than I used some plywood leftovers from my dance studio to make the floor. And started looking around for demolitions leftovers in my neighborhood (since many houses where being destroyed to give place for buildings it was easy to find very good stuff)

The green window that became the house door just fitted the frame perfectly! lucky shot!

Step 4: Interior

I thought it would be a good touch to re purpose an old fuel lantern as an electrical lamp. I just had to wider the hope hole a bit so I could install the socket, and had to make a small hole for the wire. I also stalled a switch for my Sofia to turn her lights out and on as she pleased.

I also made a irregular shelf from scrap wood not only because I think is cool, but also so the shelf be without corners.

Because we live in an tropical country I left lots of windows only protected by Japanese door cloths.



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    Gorgeous! Well done. Sofia is going to be a very happy girl!

    Great job, the instructionable left room for imagination!

    That very nice, but I don't think your kids play around the contruction is a great idea. May be take an acident for your kids.

    that wasn't the case! looks like it, but when she was walking about the frame I stopped, and the second pic I was just using the stapler. ;)