I decided to make some soft-box lights for our photography setup in our studio. 

The aim of a soft-box light is to create an even and diffuse light source, is is simply an enclosure around a bulb comprising of reflective side and back walls and a diffusing material at the front of the light.

For my soft-box lights I used some energy efficient dimmable daylight bulbs so that they do not get too hot but output a good amount of light, but also so they can be dimmed to adjust the light levels. 

Step 1: Materials Required

The materials for the whole project are, 

- 4 x Energy Efficient (Compact Fluorescent) Daylight Dimmable 20W Lightbulbs
- 4 x Light fittings for the bulbs, as i'm in the UK i am using BC (Bayonet) Fittings
- Mains Electrical Cable
- Mains Plug
- Dimmer Switch
- Backing box for dimmer switch
- Small bit of wood, size is up to you, it needs to be big enough to fit the light fittings on it 
- Flat Screen TV wall Mount
- Card Board
- Tin Foil
- Tracing Paper
- Screws 
- Sticky cable tie mounts
- Rubber bands
- Tape
- Double Sided Tape

Various Tools

- Screwdriver
- Drill
- Snips
- Wire Strippers
- Knife
- Screws
- Saw

<p>I was looking for this.... tried once but :(...</p><p>This will help... Thanks!!</p>
<p>Glad it's useful! Let us know how it goes :)</p>
Thanks so much! I think this is just the type of setup I've been looking for, I'll try making a couple of these this week and see how it goes
Last night, I was trying to find the &quot;Sweet spot&quot; Apperature setting for my lens's I set up 2 100 watt light bulbs that fit in the aluminum shades (the lights used for reptiles and such) but with a standard 100 watt bulb in each.... I quickly found that It just isnt enough light and that I needed something much more powerful! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA! I will be making at least two of these guys. Thank you again for posting this one! GREAT JOB! <br>
How warm do they get?
They get slightly warm, but you can still touch them not not so hot that they burn. I found that in a smaller reflector they get warmer as there is less air space.
Great, my next to-do, thanks for sharing.
Awesome Instructable! I'll add this to my "to make" list. Thanks for sharing! <br /> <br />GM

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