Picture of Soft Cinnamon Roll
Well, cinnamon roll served commonly in Europe and North America,it isn't common in Malaysia(a small country in Southeast Asia).I don't commonly see cinnamon rolls in local bakery i bake my own for my breakfast.

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Step 1: Ingredient and kitchen tool

Picture of Ingredient and kitchen tool


Four                                                      200g
Dry yeast                                              4 teaspoons
Baking powder                                   1/2 teaspoons
Milk                                                        120ml
Vegetable oil                                       1/4 cup
Sugar(i use organic brown sugar)  1/4 cup

Melted butter                                        25g
Icing sugar                                           1/4 cup
Cinnamon powder                             3 tablespoons

Butter                                                    20g
Cream cheese                                    40g
Icing sugar                                           40g
Milk                                                        2 Tablespoons
Lemon juice                                         1 teaspoons

Kitchen Tools:
 2 Large bowls (one smaller, one larger)
Small knife
Measuring cup
Mixing spoon
Kitchen Scale
2 Small bowls

and...the most important patience.

You will make about 10 cinnamon rolls

Step 2: Wet ingredient

Picture of Wet ingredient
Add milk, yeast, vegetable oil and brown sugar into the big bowl(the smaller one)and mix it with the whisk

Step 3: Dry ingredient

Picture of Dry ingredient
Mix the flour and baking powder into the mixture

Step 4: Kneading

Picture of Kneading
When the dough is well mixed , let it rest for 10 minutes. After that start your kneading

I knead it  using a mixer. What i do is just switch to the knead mode and the mixer will do the job for 1/2 hour.

If you knead it by hand,start first with a spatula,when the dough becomes non-stick,use your hand to knead it.

You should continue kneading  for about 20 minutes.

When you are done ,rest the dough for 30 minute.The dough should be smooth and soft.


Step 5: Rolling

Picture of Rolling

Roll out the dough into a flat rectangular shape, you need to make sure it is half a cm thick.

Step 6: Flling

Picture of Flling
Mix the icing sugar with the butter using your whisk until the mixture is smooth.

Now add  the cinnamon  into the mixture until it is uniform.