Step 4: Sew Button

Picture of Sew Button
  • Use thick thread to sew on the button since it will get a lot of wear and tear as a switch.  Don't sew the button on as you normally would on an item of clother (etc.) as you will need this button be able to spin. 
  • To do this start from the back of the fabric
  • Poke the threaded needle through the fabric to the front, through the button hole (make sure the side of the button with the conductive material is facing towards the fabric.)
  • Bring the needle through the second hole in the button then through the same hole in the fabric you came out from.
  • From the back, tie the two strands of thread in a knot, tightly.  You need to make sure the button makes close contact with the surface of the fabric so that the conductive material on the button touches the conductive thread of the circuit.