COMING SOON: Soft Circuit Contest!!!

I have gathered some awesome soft circuit instructables for inspiration.  Be sure to check out the Soft Circuit channel for more ideas along with these great websites!

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Soft Circuit Saturday
I Heart Switch
Three Fabric Buttons style
These super simple fabric buttons are soft, fun to push and can come in handy when building various prototypes. They all share the same ground or plus, depending on what you hook what up to. I am also...
Arduino Lilypad Interactive Passion Sensing Scarf style
This was my first time working with an Arduino Lilypad. I have been wanting to try something that dealt with soft circuits for awhile now. This project is what I came up with. The concept is based off...
10-minute sewable iPod remote style
There are a lot of really cool iPod remote control projects: some have simple buttons, some react to  heartbeat or body motion, and others are designed to interface directly with software running on a...
LED Holiday TuTu style
How to get the cute geeks to talk to you at this year's holiday party? A groovalicious eTextile blinky-blink party tutu! SImple, fast, fun and effective eTextile project for just about anyone.
Make a soft 3V battery holder style
This tutorial will show how to make a soft battery holder for 3V lithium coin-sized batteries. You need just 5 pieces of felt and two pieces of conductive fabric.You can cut the pieces with a pair of ...
Joy Slippers Version 2 style
These slippers have 4 analog pressure sensors embedded. They can be used to feed Up, Down, Left and Right values into your computer replacing your mouse, joystick...Visit the JoySlippers website http...
Fabric Paint covering Conductive Thread style
A method of attaching conductive thread to a garment (or whatever) #6
Fabric bend sensor style
Using conductive thread, Velostat and neoprene, sew your own fabric bend sensor. You can now buy these handmade fabric bend sensors via Etsy. Although it is much cheaper to make your own, purchasin...
Beaded Battery Case style
Try this beaded battery case to elegantly hide your battery to power your accessories so they can light up and move! I love beading and I want to start including electronics in my accessories but I w...
Weaving: Clasped Weft with LEDs style
Another project for the weavers and hopefully a source of inspiration for the non-weavers.Incorporate LED's, or other hardware, into your weaving project using the clasped weft technique.Info Added 1 ...
As you all may or may not know, I love LEDs! Now, since the title of the contest is "Show Your Heart Valentine's Day Project", what could be more appropriate than a Beating LED Heart on a T-shirt?Her...
Hug & touch sensitive Instructables robot patch style
I always wanted to make a simple, yet decent project with this patch, and the "pocket-sized" contest seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a robot mascot. This chap sits in my shirt pocket, just...
LED Heart Pasties style
LED heart pasties speak for themselves. While they are not necessarily day-to-day wear, you will be glad you have them in your boudoir when that special occasions arises (or is in need of it). If you...
Light Up Leggings style
Create a light show with these light up LEDs.  Wear them dancing and all eyes in the room will be on you.  Wear them running and drivers will know to get out of the way! This is super easy to do even...