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Despite looking rustic on the outside, this loaf has a soft delicate texture inside. The flavor is slightly sweet and mildly milky. I would classify it as a Japanese style bread, but it's not as sweet and rich as most. This recipe does not include condensed milk, milk powder, cream or egg. It's just milk, water, flour, yeast, salt, some sugar and butter.

I have no mixer or bread machine, so I have developed a method that is as easy to make by hand as possible. No conventional kneading (I'm rubbish at that). I use 'stirring the batter' and 'fold & press' techniques. Much more beginner friendly, and also easy to clean, no doughy hands or floury worktop.

Ingredients and detailed step-by-step guide in the video above. Please take a look.

Jo-Annie :)


Mielameri (author)2014-12-15

Oh my gosh, the inside of this bread looks so soft and delicious

myquirkyrecipe (author)Mielameri2014-12-15

Yes, it has that Japanese-style bread texture, like soft & fluffy layers of fiber :).

Errol1951 (author)2014-12-01

can you post the recipe please

myquirkyrecipe (author)Errol19512014-12-02

The video above shows the recipe - ingredients & step by step. I will type out the written instructions and add to the article later, when I get around to it. :)

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