Ever wanted to have a fight with bows and real arrows? Well worry no more for these arrows wont pierce your friends!

Step 1: Supplies

this is a tutorial for arrows, not a bow.

1st: a carbon arrow or a pack of real cheap arrows (do not buy arrow heads)
2nd: some foam nerf darts or something similar
3rd: glue. most glues will work, but some may melt the foam. I'm using a modeling glue and duck tape (just as a precaution)
I would not use these, unless it was with a very low-powered bow. I would instead take a 2" (diameter) cylinder of foam, and put 2 inches on the arrow.
I like that Idea, its probably safer too. I think I am going to change my tip to that instead haha.
Feels like an airsoft pellet to me.
does it hurt?
Nice. These are the kind of 'ibles that make the lawyers around here REAL nervous. :-)

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