Step 5: Trim Sole

Trim the vinyl sole so it's about the same size as the edge of the fleece bootie. Again, not rocket science - there's room for fudging here.

I first tried leaving a wide margin and folding it up and over the bootie's edge, but that didn't work. The thicker edge caught as Corvidae walked, and she scraped her feet, wearing through any fasteners (upholstery thread, etc) I had used to stitch the edge down. They quickly flopped open, and I had to do an emergency trim. It's faster and easier (not to mention more effective) to just trim to the edge of the bootie.
Mauigerbil: haha me too! THEY SHALL BE MINE. JUST YOU WAIT.
Babies? BABIES?!?!? I NEED these!
Shiver my bits and call me crusty
Are vinyl and/or leather soles grippy enough to prevent slipping? Poppy is super prone to slipping and falling in her footed pajamas, and these soles don't look much more grippy. :/
Thanks for the cool Instructable. The shoes are very cute!
Thanks for sharing these cute shoes! Seems simple to make and very cozy! Sunshiine

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