Step 4: Playing Backups and games on Hacked Wii!

Picture of Playing Backups and games on Hacked Wii!

If your Wii was bought before 2010, then you can use DVD roms to play backups on your Wii

But if you have a newer Wii, then you can play backups on USBs because the new Wiis CD reader is different and will not read normal DVD disks...

I found that this is better for playing games via USB, than USB Loader :

WiiFlow : Download it here : http://e7c9ac51.linkbucks.com/
To install wii flow, just go to HBC and then go to WAD manager, and go to install wads, then install the WiiFlow WAD!
You can lookup google for how to make a WiiFlow forwarder to make it appear right in your WIi menu, without having to go to HBC...

Once you have WiiFlow installed, then you can download Wii backup games from different websites, and then burn them onto your USB sticks, and plug them in and enjoy! http://www.playbackups.com/downloading-and-writing-perfectly-legal-backup-copies-of-your-original-games.html (The UK law, which states that you can have only 1 backup copy of every game you own...), you can also play homebrew games, and use homebrew apps...(1 I specially like is Resistor Calculator!) You can play N64, SNES and SEGA roms with downloading emulators and then buying those games for about 5$ each (Or even less) and its 100% legal!

Some websites like this http://myhomebreware.com/ ask you to pay for money to hack your wii and they will provide deatailed info, but you can do it for free!

Use this program http://be8c0c71.linkbucks.com/ to convert your USB to a Wii USB type, and install the games on the USB! But remember, once you have converted the USB, it will show that your USB is unrecognizable by the PC, it is only recognizable with the program...you can always format it to be used as a normal USB again!

Usually Wii games are 4.2 GB, and most 4GB USBs are 3.7GB, So how I overcame this problem is with using WIi Scrubber http://www.wii4everybody.com/2008/10/newest-wii-scrubber-download.html
What the WiiScrubber does is it basically removes the "JUNK" that manufacturers fill in to make the game reach the standard space of 4.2 GB... some games like Wii sports are only 720MB!

You can add the game you downloaded into the scrubber, and then scrub it and place the scrubbed ISO on you desktop, or somewhere else, then you can use the Wii USB program to add the scrubbed ISO!

CoreyR32 months ago

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IshanM18 months ago

Slight mistake in this post. I bought my Wii when it just released and I'm able to play backups from my hard drive using Wii flow or CFG loader. Otherwise, nice post with working links...

olozano2 years ago
Excellent post!
Thanks for the link, for more info you can visit my blog on wii4everybody Good day!