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*Note* This project is done by students from Singapore Polytechnic.
"Solar" Air Conditioning

Components used : 
2x BIG DC fan
1x Aquarium pump (preferably DC pump)
1x CPU Heatsink
1x copper pipe
1x polystyrene ice box
Nx reusable ice pack 
Solar panels (Optional)

The tools and components were provided by our FYP supervisor Teo Shin Jen.

What makes it solar then??? Well, if the Solar panels are used to provide 12v to the dc fan and dc pump in this setup, isn’t that “solar air conditioning”.

Chill the ice packs.
Design the polystyrene ice box.
Attach the bent copper pipe.
Attach aquarium pump to copper pipe.
Turn on to enjoy!

Step 1: Chill the Ice Pack

Picture of Chill the Ice Pack
Chill the ice packs in the freezer compartment for over 12 hours and place them in the polystyrene ice box.
T0BY29 days ago
Wouldn't it be more efficient to simply run an air con unit? If you are freezing the water in a freezer first you are simply adding a layer of inefficiency.
ValentinoM1 month ago

now you just need to move the fridge out of the house for this to work...

nelquinare6 months ago

Nice concept.,please can send me all the details of the process for developing with a colombian vulnerable community group

Nice concept.

send me the working details.

prem45love11 months ago

please can u send me the working details of the whole process with the components of the system , its so urgent .

spekdigi2 years ago
wow it is a nice concept.. we can make it from unusable CPU trash..
Do you have try it on food ?
could it make fish or vegetables fresh for several days ?