Step 6: Connect The Battery Pack

Picture of Connect The Battery Pack

Now we connect the solar wires to the battery pack wires.

Just connect all the positive wires (red) with all the negative wires (black).


Easy as pie. Sweet sweet solar pie.

ttawi2 years ago
Hi~ u said "just connect all the red wires with all the black wires", but u r actually connect the red wires to the red wires. i dont know what to do. i think i should connect the postive wire from the solar panel to the postive wire from battery, right?
coloskibum3 years ago
Actually original poster has a good question. I have a 2w 6v solar panel and bought a handful of bulk .9v-6v to 5v USB circuits like you have. The way you have this wired I'm trying to think through if this will push 8.4 or just 6 v to the usb circuit if I'm in the sun and have fully charged batteries (I'm a noob but go with me here)...I guess I'll just wire the panel and fully charged batteries and see what the good old meter says before I wire it to the USB...
NeMewSys4 years ago
Dont you need a circuit to manage the batteries charge state? Wont this "directly connect the solar panel to the batteries' ends" harm the batteries? What if they are already charged? I dont know nothing about NiMh.
Im thinking of using a lion polymer btw, not sure yet.
Mmm... pie
JoshuaZimmerman (author)  fryingsquirrel4 years ago
Solar pie.