If you have a car and its logo is lost , don't be upset. You can make a simple yet elegant wooden logo using solar burnt plywood.

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Step 1: Dimensions 'n' Design

Measure the dimensions of the car logo. Here is the place where the logo used to be.

Search the web for your logo. Then I scaled the logo on the web to the dimensions of my car.

Now you can print the logo on a paper or transfer it to a transparent paper.

Step 2: Plywood

Now, using a carbon paper, transfer the logo to the plywood. Just move the pen on the logo on the paper putting the carbon paper between the paper plywood.

Step 3: Cut 'n' Burn

Using a plywood saw, cut the piece of the plywood carefully. Use a piece of sand paper to make the wooden piece much smoother.

Get your glass lens and start solar burning process. It's very easy, simple and fun. You can check the hints and tricks I used on my previous solar burnt instructables.


Please use a pair of sunglasses when looking at the solar burnt plywood. Looking into the image of the sun on the piece of plywood is harmful to your eyes.

Step 4: Glue

This is the final step where you can put the logo on your car. I used Silicon adhesive to glue the logo on the car.

That's it.

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