Introduction: Solar Cereal Box Oven

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Heat or cook the food by only using the sun's heat!

Step 1: Get the Stuff

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Empty cereal box
Aluminum foil
Knife or scissors
Straw (optional)

Step 2: Tape the Top of the Cereal Box

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Tape the open side of the cereal box with any kind of tape (the less air or holes in the box, the better the oven will cook)

Step 3: Cut the Box

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Cut a rectangle until you get a flap like a pizza box

Step 4: Put on Aluminum Foil

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Put aluminum foil on the bottom and on the flap all over with tape, even the edges inside. I used shiny side up.

Step 5: Tape the Straw to the Box (optional)

Picture of Tape the Straw to the Box (optional)

Step 6: Put Any Food Inside

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Put it inside the box where you can wait for it to cook. The sun will reflect off the foil and cook the food. You can make a grilled cheese sandwich, s'mores, or heat a pizza up. I didn't have any bread to make a grilled cheese so I melted some cheese to show you how great it works! Experiment with it! :)


-maddie- (author)2014-07-03

It looks effective, but doesn't the tinfoil on the bottom reflect all the sun away?

tall20 (author)-maddie-2014-11-24

No, the foil doesn't but that was a good question.

GoSouthKorea (author)2014-07-03

No because your facing the top part of the foil at the sun, when you make it you can see the suns reflection on the food. So it'll cook the food not the foil

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