Step 3: The Battery Box

Now I am just goint to attach a lot of pictures of the box that I made to hold my battery and hopefully most of it is self explanitory.
The box is made out of old scrap wood I got from the back of our kitchen cabinets when we remodeled our kitchen.
Everything on top of the battery box is labeled so hopefully you will be able to understand what it does.
And sorry but for some reason my image notes arent working at all so I will have to explain the pictures here.

In the first 3 pictures you can see the top of the battery box. It is hinged and the lid houses all of the switches. plug-ins, and some wiring. The rest of the wiring is tucked behind the battery inside the box. On the top of the lid you can see the switch labeled "battery" which completely disconnects the battery from the charge controller. Beside that is two plug-ins that are 12v and the switch under them turns both of them off. And the small red dots indicate the (+) positive terminal. The same thing happens to the two RCA plugs, they are 5v and the switch shuts both of them off. But with the RCA pluge, the center is the (+) positive terminal and the outside is (-) negative. The small toggle switch to the left of the meter controls what the meter reads.
If you were wondering what the flexible dryer vent is for, it is to help vent the battery in order to get rid of the gasses it produces. There is a fan inside the vent and you can see the switch that turns it on and off right below the 12v cigarette lighter socket.