Step 4: The Inverter

Picture of The Inverter
The inverter that I use is a 200 Watt continuous, 400 Watt peak inveter and can supply up to 1.74 amps as you can see in the first picture. In the second picture you can see the cigarette lighter plug which is what connects my inverter to my battery. The cigarette lighter socket you see is also attached to the 2, 12v plug-ins on top of the box and when you turn that switch off I described earlier, this socket also turns off. 
And finally in the last picture, you see 2 plug-ins connected (yes this is 12v not 110) and they go to 2 LED light strips (see my other instructables) and thats what I use to light my room at night. In the next sep I will show you some of the other loads I have created to run off of this system.