Solar Battery





Introduction: Solar Battery

This is a solar battery, that can be used in any device that operates with 1 AA or AAA battery. 

There is only a 1N5819 Schottky diode in the circuit  to carry power from panel to battery during daytime and prevent any current to leak back during night. The power given to the load ( here a clock ) is regulated by the battery and though the power output of the panel is quite low, the voltage clock receives hardly go above 1.3V which is perfectly ok for my cheap chinese wall clock.

The panel generates around 100mA and 4.5V and simply hangs below the clock facing towards the window to get as much sunlight as possible. During daytime, the panel gets 2 hours of direct sunlight and some indirect light so it suffices for the very little amounf of power consumed by the clock. A solar panel with similar power output should do the job but if it doesn't you can simply opt for a larger panel. I've tried this charging method in many circuits with panels with open circuit voltage of 9V and short circuit current of 200mA without problems.



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    I like ideas about "solar energy". I know nothing of electronics. This might be the biggest solar or electronic project I should start with. Any safety cautions for me for doing this? Do the wires have to cross like that or the polarity of the battery compartment on the back of your clock dictated it? Thanks.

    Cool. I'm still learning about electronics, and I'd never heard about a Schottky diode. Is it kind of like a one-way valve?

    this isn't a solar clock
    this is a solar battery that you can put in anything

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    thanks for the warning. I've updated the instructable.