Step 12: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!

You're done! Now have a roach party!

Take it outside and see it wiggle. Remember you're going to need either some strong sun or a really insanely strong light. When I made the video of a bunch of them on a table it was around 2 on a decently sunny day. When a cloud blocked out the sun they stopped working.

Once you get the hang of it these things are really quick to make. You can probably speed make one in 10-15 minutes. My 13 year old neighbor boy made one in 20 minutes his first time.

I hope this guide and video were helpful. These things are fun to make and are an awesome "first robot" project for kids.

If you'd like a kit or just some random parts you can get them off my website, BrownDogGadgets.com, or off any number of other electrical parts websites. Though keep in mind that 34% of all BrownDogGadgets sales go into doggie treats for one lazy labrador.

*** Update: A non soldering version of the project is now available. It's much better for younger Makers and students.

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Just so you know roaches have 6 legs, as do all insects. Regardless these are really cute. I want to make one to bug my mom.