Step 4: Making the Legs

Picture of Making the Legs

Use your wire cutters to cut two paperclips in half, which should leave you four pieces with a U-bend in the middle, and a hook at one end. Cut off these hooks to even out each piece. Each U-shaped paperclip half will become one pair of legs, with one leftover (unless you want to make a spider instead!).

Tip: Bending the legs outward before gluing makes it easier to use the glue gun on the third pair.

This is a good time to get out your helping hand, if you have one, or con a friend into holding very still. Put a drop of hot glue on the bottom of the solar panel and stick the U-bend of two pairs of legs into it. You have to hold the legs while the glue cools and hardens, but after 30 seconds or so you will be able to let go. Watch for the glue to go from clear to cloudy for a clue that it’s almost done. Place a third pair of legs on top of the first glue blob, and add another drop of hot glue on top to keep them in place.

How long your legs are, what angle they are at, and where you use the long and short pieces are all up to you! Make several styles and see what works best.

arthur154002 years ago
Sorry, bad reading ... Is the resistor really important ? I think you can use a paper clip to make the legs.
arthur154002 years ago
Hello, I was wondering what kind of resistor is it ? is it a strong one ? How many ohm ?
hrodriguez73 years ago
not to be mean or anything, but resistors are kinda expensive.
to cut off the wire of the thing just to get the wire is something I woudn't do

I guess it all verries from person to person.