Step 5: Dress up your Cockroach

Picture of Dress up your Cockroach

Right now you technically have a functioning solar cockroach. Outside in the sun he will vibrate and dance around like all the other little cockroaches. But he’s missing some important parts!

Attach the Antenna

Fold your lightweight wire in half and place it in the front middle of your solar cell. Apply hot glue and allow it to cool and harden before moving your cockroach.

Attach your Googly Eyes

Place a drop of glue onto the front of your roach, next to the antenna, then carefully use a googly eye to smear the glue and move it to the front. This way the eye faces forward, but is securely attached to the panel. Repeat this step with the second eye, and you’re done!

hrodriguez73 years ago
in the kits that you guys sell, do you pack inthe kinda motars that your using,
or the fancy blue ones.